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Top 25 Women of Influence

A celebration of Canada's diverse women role models.

The annual Top 25 Women of Influence™ awards recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of Canada’s self-identified women and gender-diverse role models. The recipients have all left their mark over the past year: contributing to the greater good through their initiatives; using their influence to drive positive change; or reaching inspiring heights on a global stage. 

From athletes to activists, corporate leaders to up-and-coming entrepreneurs — their unique achievements are impossible to compare against each other, which is why we’ve designed these awards as a celebration, rather than a ranking.

Could you be on the list for 2021?

what we look for


From grassroots to global efforts, these role models are creating, building, and leading initiatives and programs that are designed to benefit others. 


Breaking barriers to reach impressive heights on a global stage, these role models are becoming inspirational visible examples of what women are capable of. 


From sparking important conversations to setting a positive example, these role models are using their personal influence to drive broad change.

2020 Top 25

Lifetime Achievement Award

We are honouring Sally Armstrong with the 2020 Top 25 Women of Influence Lifetime Achievement Award for her decades-long dedication to sharing the stories of women and girls in conflict zones. An award-winning journalist, bestselling author, and human rights activist — her work is easy to admire. She has provided an outlet to victims who want to have a voice, shone a light on struggles around the globe, and has used her unique talent, courage, and drive to be a catalyst for positive change.

Top 25

Past award recipients

Could you be on the list for 2021?

Applications are open until December 11. Nominate yourself or someone you admire.

Could you be on the list for 2021?

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To celebrate the accomplishments of a diverse group of role models, including self-identified women and gender-diverse individuals.  

In 2020, we moved the presentation of the Top 25 from November to February. Why? We wanted to make it easier for applicants to understand the period of qualification — any time in the previous calendar year — so we wouldn’t miss out on any great achievements. Since this is our first year after the switch, the 2020 Top 25 had a longer qualification period, from September 2018 to December 2019. From here on, the year in the title will reflect the year the awards are given, for accomplishments in the previous calendar year. 

We kept the name but reimagined the format. Rather than quantifiably measuring influence, we celebrate a wide variety of accomplishments and contributions. 

Any Canadian citizen living in Canada or abroad, or any permanent resident in Canada, that self-identifies as a woman or as gender-diverse. You can learn more about eligibility and what we look for on the Application page

Applications are open for the 2021 Top 25 Women of Influence! Apply here before December 11.

Because the Lifetime Achievement Award (LAA) is not related to accomplishments within a calendar year, but rather a lifetime of notable achievements, we don’t have the same restrictions that come with the eligibility period. This allows us to make our selection earlier than the other recipients, and make sure we can get our esteemed LAA recipient scheduled to appear at the annual Top 25 Women of Influence Luncheon.

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