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Top 25 Women of Influence®

A celebration of women driving impact and change.

The Top 25 Women of Influence® Awards recognize and celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of self-identified women and gender-diverse role models. The awards acknowledge the unique achievements of diverse women representing various sectors, career stages, and contributions to the advancement of women. Each recipient contributes to the greater good through their initiatives; by reaching inspiring heights on the global stage; or in using their influence to drive demonstrated change. Get ready to get inspired…

What we look for:


From grassroots campaigns to global programs, these role models are leading the charge when it comes to impactful, inclusive, and inspiring action.


Breaking barriers to reach impressive heights on a global stage, these role models are inspirational examples of defining success on their own terms.


From sparking important conversations to setting a positive example, these role models are using their influence to drive wide-reaching change.

Submit your nominations by January 15, 2024!

  • We may reach out to you to verify details, for additional information, or to inform you that your nominee has been selected. Your email will not be shared or used for any purpose beyond this application.
  • You can nominate yourself or another individual.
  • No smaller than 1080x1080, .jpeg/.png
    Max. file size: 15 MB.
  • We believe that exceptional role models ignite change and inspire those around them through their actions, daily leadership, and unwavering commitment to driving a positive impact. Tell us about how the nominee has inspired others through their role, initiative, and/or platform.
  • A Top 25 applicant stands out through their remarkable accomplishments and unique approach to challenges. We are looking for role models whose notable initiatives between January 2023 and December 2023 have impacted others. Tell us about the ground-breaking, envelope-pushing initiative(s) that the nominee has accomplished in the last year. Please be specific about their accomplishments or milestones rather than an ongoing activity.
  • We measure influence by impact — the significant changes enacted, the new opportunities created, and the inclusion of voices at critical decision-making tables. Please highlight how the nominee has leveraged their position and/or platform, to make a positive impact and substantial change. We're interested in specific examples of actions taken in the last year and the measurable impacts of these actions, demonstrating the nominee's ability to transform ideas into results. Consider: How does the nominee set themselves apart? What makes their journey and accomplishments uniquely impactful and significant?
  • We recognize that exceptional role models not only inspire but also enact change through their exemplary leadership. We are looking for leaders, game changers, and role models who influence change in ways we haven’t seen before. Key attributes include courage, confidence, and compassion. Please provide examples of how the nominee has demonstrated courage, confidence, and compassion through their outstanding leadership. If applicable, describe how their actions have encouraged others to be courageous, confident, and compassionate.
  • In a few words, tell us why you believe the nominee should be recognized. This may include unique obstacles they have overcome, or significant growth they have demonstrated. If you are self-nominating, share more details about yourself — what drives/motivates you, and how you will build on the milestones you've recently achieved.
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  • Disclaimer: One (1) nomination per person is sufficient and will be reviewed. Any additional nominations will not be reviewed or considered. Only complete applications will be considered.

    Please refer to our Privacy Policy or Contact Us with more questions.

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