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Our WOI Community is made up of a diverse group — representing a broad spectrum of stories, experiences, expertise, and voices. With the goal of being a platform rather than a mouthpiece, we’ve asked a few of them to share their Perspective, in their own words.

hello, My name is

Founder of The Workaround, author, and advocate

Amanda Munday is the founder and CEO of The Workaround, a parent-friendly workspace in Toronto that offers waitlist-free childcare (and is currently closed due to Covid-19). She’s using her Perspectives platform to candidly share her journey and the lessons she’s learning along the way — starting with her experience navigating her professional identity during the pandemic.

Social Media & Content Manager, Women of Influence and Host of the Twenty5 Podcast

By day, Ony Anukem is the Social Media and Content Manager at Women of Influence — but she also wears another hat as the Show Host of the Twenty5 Podcast, a bi-weekly interview podcast that she started to guide young women through their mid-twenties. She’s using her Perspectives platform to continue helping young women through the ebbs and flows of their professional and personal lives.

Vice President and National Lead Women Entrepreneurs, Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

Laura Didyk leads BDC’s national strategy to support Canadian women entrepreneurs and ensures that strategy is integrated across the entire bank. She’s using her Perspectives platform to continue championing women entrepreneurs, by sharing engaging discussions about their journey, their business, and their plan for the future. 

Executive Directors, The World with MNR

Maryam and Nivaal Rehman are 18-year-old twins using advocacy, storytelling and development to take action and inspire others to do the same. They are using their Perspectives platform to share the stories of the women that inspire them, through engaging interviews with leaders, activists, and role models. 

CEO, National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association (NATOA)

Anishinaabe/Bear Clan herself, Michele Young-Crook is striving to make NATOA the centre of excellence in Trust and Investment — as well as making sure the needs of Indigenous women and Indigenous Youth are being met. She’s using her Perspectives platform to share stories from her personal and professional journey and the lessons she’s learned along the way — starting with how she’s balancing her roles as a CEO and mother

Karlyn Percil, CEO, KDPM Consulting Group INC & Founder, SisterTalk Group

Karlyn Percil is the CEO of KDPM Consulting Group, and the founder of SisterTalk Group — a diverse women’s network, where she facilitates a 7 week self-discovery program for women. She’s using her Perspectives platform to highlight the stories and voices of BIWOC thought leaders in the tech and well-being space, who through their innovative work are inspiring the next generation of leaders.