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Mastermind Programs

Our new exclusive Mastermind Program, available to those with a LEAD Membership.

This signature WOI+ program incorporates the indispensable value of mentorship with the support of a community to offer something truly revolutionary: an inspiring place to connect with other women who are at similar stages of their careers, while being guided by an expert. Our facilitators are there to guide you through the whole process, offering support and challenging you to exceed your own limitations and expectations. Our facilitators are part of what sets the WOI+ Mastermind Groups apart from the rest.

Community is an invaluable resource and source of encouragement and creativity for many women. It is the foundation of WOI+ and having a network of people who can relate to what you are experiencing, navigating the corporate world as women with intersecting identities, is critical to lasting and meaningful success.

The mastermind programs are available to LEAD members and will be live Summer of 2023. Explore our memberships below, or if you are interested in subscribing your organization to the Mastermind Program, contact our CEO at rb*****@wo**************.ca