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In 27 years we’ve gotten to know our WOI Community. They are a diverse group of educated, talented, and ambitious women — representing a broad range of industries, ages, and career stages, and with an appetite to be inspired, make connections, learn from the shared wisdom of others, and ultimately advance in their career. If you want to talk numbers, it’s the biggest community in the women’s advancement space. And we’ve done the work to figure out how to engage with them in a way that meets their goals, your goals, and the big vision: a future where workplaces actually work for everyone. 

Reach out, and we’ll show you why top organizations partner long-term with Women of Influence —  and how you can get involved.


Share your stories and messages.

Use our multi-channel platform — events, digital content, print magazine, social media — to share the stories of women role models and men champions in your organization, the D&I work you are doing, and your key marketing messages.

Engage with our WOI community.

Connect with our exclusive global WOI Community for targeted marketing or talent recruitment at all levels. Our events also offer a great forum to host your clients or increase your employee engagement through a shared experience.

Create your future leaders.

Are the women in your organization feeling stuck? Create your future leaders now with proven programs designed to advance talented women, create inclusive leaders, and provide the tools managers need to coach high potentials. 

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Jan Frolic

As Senior Vice President, Global Engagement, my role is multi-faceted, but everything I do is centered around a common goal: creating a global network of corporate and entrepreneurial organizations who are invested in diversity & inclusion. 

And with so many options for partnership, it’s easy for us to build a custom solution that meets your goals. Whatever you do, you’ll be tapping into our engaged WOI Community, nearly 26 years of leadership in the market, and our passion to create change. Together we can help build a future where workplaces actually work for everyone. 

I am always looking for like-minded alliances and always open to making introductions.

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