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About us

Empowering women to advance today — while rewriting the narrative to create a more inclusive tomorrow.

Women of Influence+ isn’t here to change the narrative, we’re here to rewrite it. For almost three decades, we’ve been telling the unfiltered success stories of diverse role models, and providing a reimagined definition of what it means to be a woman of influence in today’s business world; a definition that actively includes thinking about how our influence impacts the world around us.

We understand that there are many challenges women and their intersectionalities face when trying to navigate advancement in their careers. Instead of watching from the sidelines, we take a proactive, inclusive, and multi-faceted approach to ensure women are supported and celebrated every step of the way.

At WOI+, we equip women with connections, support, training, and tools to carve new pathways, and excel within their careers on their own terms. No matter what stage you are at in your career when you discover the WOI+ platform, there is something here for you.

How we tell a story rewrites the narrative

This is where the magic happens

before gender

Women all around the globe are impacting the world in positive, ground-breaking ways. They are leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, activists, athletes … and so much more. Our goal is to normalize the perception of women in these roles by focusing on what they do and who they are, rather than the gender they identify with.

not pedestals

We do not put upon women an unrealistic expectation of perfection — we talk as openly about flaws and challenges as we do triumphs. Rather than offering a polished snapshot of a final point of success, we share the journey, and the lessons learned on the way.

Role models
for everyone

We actively work to uncover the stories of a broad spectrum of self-identified women, and we acknowledge that we can’t move forward individually unless we move forward collectively. We are a platform, not a mouthpiece, and we are in this for everyone.

I need some inspiration

We understand the power of stories to inspire and uplift. We have a wide and diverse spectrum of perspectives sure to give you the boost you need. Looking for expert advice? We’ve got you covered! Follow us on our social media channels and sign up for our newsletter.

I want to make connections

We have events, awards, and are introducing our new membership portal. Come for the diverse speakers who are leading the charge in their respective fields and stay for the thoughtful and nuanced conversations with our brilliant community and partners. Check out our membership options for savings and special perks.

I’m here to advance

From leadership strategy to design thinking, to presence and communication, WOI+ has the leadership programs, workshops, and keynotes to suit your specific needs. With our help, take the leap towards achieving your career goals.

I’m here for my organization

We work with organizations to meet their goals — from targeted marketing to talent recruitment using our unique content offerings, event sponsorship, and custom programs. Interested in partnering? Reach out to our team to learn more about your options.