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About us

Empowering women to advance today — while changing the narrative to create a more inclusive tomorrow.

For more than 25 years, we’ve been telling the unfiltered success stories of a diverse group of role models. We know that when it is done right, from the podium or the page, these stories not only inspire, educate, and connect — they start to redefine our perceptions of gender roles and abilities. We call this changing the narrative.  

The result? Women have tools to do better today, and we all have a path to brighter tomorrow. A future where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work, and succeed. 

HOW we help

Get inspired.

You’ve heard it before: if you can see it, you can be it.  We know this works best when the stories are told in a specific way, which is how we do it — from the podium to the page.

Get connected.

You never know where your next connection might take you. Whether you’re joining the conversation on our socials or networking at our events, our WOI Community is full of opportunity. 

Get informed.

From how they do that to how they got there — get the best advice from exceptional women in every field. From the whole learning journey to a quick five minute lesson, we’ve got your expert needs covered. 

Get ahead.

In a system that isn’t designed to support women, what can you do — right now — to get ahead? We have lots of options that have proven they work, so all you need to do is get involved with our WOI Community. 


How we tell a story that changes the narrative

this is where the magic happens

Accomplishments before gender

We tell the stories of inspirational business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, activists, and more — who also happen to be women. Our goal is to normalize the perception of women in these roles by focusing on what they do, rather than their gender.

The short story:
We don’t say #GirlBoss. 

Spotlights not pedestals

We do not put upon women an unrealistic expectation of perfection — we talk as openly about flaws and challenges as we do triumphs. Rather than offering a polished snapshot of a final point of success, we share the whole journey, and the lessons learned on the way. 

The short story:
We make role models relatable.

Role models for everyone

We actively work to uncover the stories of a broad spectrum of self-identified women — because we won’t be fixing anything if it’s not for all of us. And since knowing what life is like at these intersections requires living it, we aim to act as a platform rather than a mouthpiece.

The short story:
We are in this for everybody. 

Let's talk about the system.

We say “the system” a lot — which is an easy word to represent culture, society, workplaces, policies, organizations, family structures, gender roles, and a whole bunch of other things that make up the world we live in. 

We could treat you to a flurry of stats that proves the system isn’t designed for women,  but let’s keep it simple: women make up about half the population, but we don’t hold nearly half the power (by our best measures, we’re clawing our way towards 30%). We don’t blame men. We don’t blame women. We blame the system. But we are ALL responsible for fixing it. 

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