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3x3 Executive Leadership Program

A carefully curated, thoughtfully orchestrated, group-based learning experience.

Our LEAD membership tier has now been restructured into an intensive three-month LEAD program, beginning September 24, 2024, and concluding on November 26, 2024. This new format is designed to further refine your leadership skills, offering complimentary access to our 3×3 Executive Leadership Program. Tailored for those in decision-making roles, this program is an opportunity to enhance your leadership journey and legacy.

As a participant, you’ll join the cohort-based program, immersing yourself in a curriculum that promises to be both challenging and rewarding. 

Programming Includes:

Module 1:
Optimizing Your Leadership Potential

The Optimized Self: Focusing on relationship theory and motivational language, this session will provide leaders with insight and actionable takeaways on how to communicate and utilize their executive influence. Managing conflict in order to effectively work with and lead will be explored, and leaders will be provided with practical strategies to upgrade their effectiveness.
Assessment: SDI 2.0

Module 2:
Optimizing Your Team+Organization

Leading Through Change: Having great ideas for the future is no guarantee that the solutions will deliver on their promise. Strategies fail to realize their full potential because people required to bring those new ideas to life struggle to commit to a different or new way of doing things. Leaders will learn how to align and engage stakeholders, while building an engaged culture of execution.
Simulation: ExperienceChange™

Module 3:
Optimizing for
the Future

Thinking Redesigned: Innovation and creative thinking involves integrating a design thinking mindset when implementing solutions that are relevant and applicable. Based on the principles of design thinking, leaders will gain practical tools and strategies to help navigate change and solve for the immediate challenges that they are facing, while optimizing for the future.
Tools: Design Thinking Framework

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Tailored for those in decision-making roles, this program is designed to further refine your skills, and enhance your leadership journey and legacy. 

Interested in reserving your seat or learning more? Please fill out the following form, and we will get back to you shortly! Please note: This program is capped, and there is limited space. If you are interested in joining as a group, please e-mail in**@wo**************.ca for our group rates.

As a part of the program, you receive:

  • Personalized welcome package
  • 3 days of live training
  • Assessments, simulations, and toolkits
  • Executive coaching (optional – 2 sessions, 1:1, and 1 hour each)
  • A supportive learning environment made up of a community of leaders
  • Lunch is included (yes, for online sessions!)
  • Access to leaders, special guests, facilitators, coaches, and more

If your organization is interested in running a 3x3 program, please contact us at in**@wo**************.ca.