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The Advancement Centre

Create your future leaders, now.

Our Women of Influence Advancement Centre offers development programs that give the women in your organization the tools they need to thrive, and equips your leaders to support their journey. From leadership strategy to presence and communication, we can help them meet their potential — on their schedule, in your space. 

Every engagement begins with a conversation about what your organization needs to advance. We’ll then work with you to build a customized program, ranging in length from one day up to eighteen months, and designed to address the specific pain points of your female employees, enabling them—and ultimately your organization—to thrive.


Advancing Talented Women

Our signature program has a proven track record of helping the women in your organization identify their own career advancement strategy.

Coaching Talented Women

Based on how we approach empowering women, you’ll learn the specific tools needed to develop and coach women to advance their career.

The Inclusive Leader

Aimed at driving inclusion from the top, this program helps leaders to identify unconscious bias — and to lead differently as a result.

Our executive director

Christine Laperriere

In addition to her role as the Executive Director of the Women of Influence Advancement Centre, Christine is President of Leader In Motion, a leadership development organization, and the author of Too Busy to Be Happy — a guide to using Emotional Real Estate to improve both your work and your life. A seasoned expert in helping women professionals advance their careers, she’s had the honour of guiding hundreds of women in various companies and roles to reach their full potential. Her background includes an undergraduate and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering, certifications in psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and executive coaching, along with years in design engineering and management consulting.

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