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Zoey Williams

She is breaking barriers in the world of aviation and is passionate about giving back to underserved communities and racialized groups.

Zoey was born in Southern Ontario and grew up travelling the world and living abroad in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. These experiences have sparked a passion for community, aviation, and business. At age 15, Zoey started flying and received her first license at 16-years-old. 

Throughout her career, Zoey has been an airport ramp worker, college flight instructor and lecturer, remote northern pilot, and airline pilot. Alongside flying, Zoey continued to pursue higher education and has an Advanced Diploma in Aviation Flight Management, a Bachelor’s in Aeronautics and Aviation Management, and a Master’s in Business Administration specializing in Aviation and International Business. Today, Zoey is a First Officer on a Boeing 777 with Air Canada and is the first Black woman pilot at the airline. 

As an active volunteer with a focus on underserved communities and racialized groups, Zoey is committed to being an equity, diversity and inclusion advocate, sitting on the Board of Directors for Urban Pilots Network and working with various organizations with the same vision. She is a keynote and public speaker encouraging business, science, and education. 

For her contributions to the aviation industry, Zoey has been recognized by various organizations. She has been recognized by Elevate Inspire, 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women, the Endless Possibilities & Hope Development Organization, and the Recreational Aircraft Association. She has also been awarded as the Top 20 under 40 by Wings Magazine, Brampton Flight Centre’s Youngest Pilot, the Jazz Aviation LP’s Pathway Award for Professionalism and Diversity, and the Urban Pilots Network’s Aviation Excellence Award.  She has also been featured in Elevate Aviation Air Time Series, The Walleye Thunder Bay, The Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal, Air Canada Horizons: Charting Women’s History at Air Canada, and The Congress for Black Women Canada, to name a few.

With her first children’s book scheduled for release this year,  Zoey has several talents outside of aviation. She is a versatile musician and is a member of The Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada. She is a singer, songwriter, and producer under the stage name Zoey Skye and has performed twice with a symphony orchestra. Additionally, she is an entrepreneur who designed and partially constructed The Piper Tiny House, her short-term rental. Her hobbies include seasonal sports, reading, and outdoor activities.




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