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Dr. Pamela Farrell

As an educator, she works to guide the next generation while addressing food literacy, health disparities, and promoting health and social equity.

Dr. Pam Farrell is an award-winning educator, researcher, and lecturer at the University of Calgary’s teacher education program. In her role in teacher education, Dr. Farrell integrates her expertise in special education, incorporating equity, diversity, and inclusion to play a transformative role in guiding and inspiring the next generation of teachers to be both culturally competent while ensuring that future educators are prepared to meet the learning needs of all students. Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Dr. Farrell also serves as the Honorary Consul of Switzerland for Alberta, fostering strong diplomatic relations and enhancing bilateral trade in technology, innovation, agriculture, tourism, science, education, and culture, reflecting her deep commitment to education, community development, and diplomacy. 

With an innovative approach, shaped by her background as an educator and doctoral scholar in food literacy, she is the Founder and Executive Director of the GROW Community Food Literacy Centre, Canada’s first community food literacy centre. Renowned for her visionary leadership, Dr. Farrell has secured over $1 million in grants and donations, enabling thousands of vulnerable Canadians to access healthy, culturally relevant food and essential food literacy skills at GROW’s low-cost market. Her community work aims to address health disparities and social determinants of health and promote health and social equity, contributing to a more just food system.

Dr. Farrell’s work is transformative, aiming to dismantle systems of power perpetuating inequality by amplifying the voices of historically disadvantaged groups and addressing systemic barriers faced by overrepresented single women-led households affected by food insecurity. Her efforts have been praised by experts, who recognize her work as a successful community-based prevention model for combating food insecurity and chronic health conditions. 

Her forthcoming article in the Encyclopedia of Food and Society challenges traditional notions of food literacy, advocating for a broader understanding rooted in literacy studies. She argues that food literacy encompasses more than just nutritional knowledge and cooking skills, enhancing our understanding of critical food literacy and encompassing the contextual factors that impact and influence food literacy. This perspective has implications for academics, food researchers, and policymakers, offering a comprehensive framework for promoting food literacy, food access, and health equity. Dr. Farrell’s contributions reflect her commitment to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion. Through her leadership, research, and service, she has made a lasting impact, inspiring positive change and empowering individuals and communities.

Dr. Farrell was recently accepted into Harvard University, where she will be completing her studies in educational leadership at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.




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