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Simran Dhillon

She is working to save thousands of lives from street-level opioid overdoses with her innovative medical technology.

Simran Dhillon is the CEO and Co-Founder of FentaGone, a medical technology company whose mission is to reduce street-level overdoses amid the opioid epidemic and spearhead innovation in the field of harm reduction field. Through the creation of a discreet and portable fentanyl detection system, FentaGone has created an innovative and revolutionary syringe that determines an individual’s risk of overdose by changing colour, giving a person the opportunity to save their own life.

Headquartered in Alberta, this province is the second-most affected by opioid overdoses in Canada, following closely behind British Columbia. This is often due to illicit drugs being contaminated with fentanyl; at street level, there is no quality control with the products being administered. This significantly increases the dangers associated with individuals using substances as they are often completely unaware of the potentially lethal contaminants within their chosen substance. Simran and the FentaGone syringe provide a solution that will save thousands of lives each year. 

Through FentaGone, this innovation has created a platform for Simran to advocate and work towards changing the narrative surrounding addiction on a national and international scale. Through this work, Simran has participated in the 67th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Conference, spoken at the 2023 Collision Conference, City Hall, and a TEDx conference, to name a few. Her work has been celebrated by the Mayor of Edmonton and she has been featured in the Globe and Mail, CBC, and various other outlets.




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