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Nakissa Koomalsingh

She is creating safe spaces for women athletes to train at a high level while addressing women’s inequities in sports.

Nakissa Koomalsingh, also known as Keesa K, is the Founder of HoopQueens, a non-profit organization that created Canada’s first-ever paid league for women’s basketball. As a former varsity athlete, Keesa’s exposure to inequity in women’s sports fuelled her passion for improving the reality of women athletes in Canada. 

She saw a growing need for safe spaces for women to train and compete at a high level during the off-season, and in 2021, Keesa founded HoopQueens to be a resource for women athletes. In addition to the impact on the court, HoopQueens also focuses on off-the-court opportunities, providing tools, resources, and mentorship to help players at any point along their athletic journey. Keesa is on a mission to change the narrative of women in sport and inspire women everywhere to confidently create their own lanes.




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