Meet Canada’s most accomplished women role models.


Women across our country are accomplishing incredible feats each and every year. From launching meaningful initiatives that are making a difference in women’s lives, to winning gold on the world stage, their achievements are worth our recognition, and our celebration. They are academics and executives, athletes and activists, and, by any benchmark, individuals of immeasurable influence. Meet the Top 25 Women of Influence 2018.

These women represent a variety of sectors, career stages, and contributions to women’s advancement.  Their unique accomplishments are impossible to compare against each other, which is why the Top 25 is designed as a celebration rather than a ranking. Community is more important than competition. 

What do they have in common? They are all women of influence, who have left their mark over the past year. Some have reached impressive heights in their career, breaking through barriers to become visible examples of what women are capable of. Others are focused on supporting women and girls through their initiatives, both at a community level, and on the world stage. Many are giving a voice to the challenges women face in their life and careers, helping to initiate important conversations that can lead to lasting change.

It was a challenge narrowing down the list to just 25, and there are certainly many deserving women that we were not able to include. To our Top 25 Women of Influence, and the unofficial women of influence having an impact across country, we thank you.


Who are we honouring? See the full Women of Influence Top 25 2018 list.




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