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Women of Influence+ and Room Women’s Network Announce Strategic Partnership to Elevate Pipeline and Executive Women, Redefining the Future of Leadership

WOI+, a women’s empowerment organization, and Room, a private women’s network for senior executive leaders and high-potential pipeline women, will offer powerful connections, mentorship,
and support across all sectors with new partnership


Toronto, ON — Tuesday, May 7, 2024Women of Influence+ (WOI+), Canada’s leading women’s empowerment organization aimed at helping women achieve and sustain success, is announcing a new and powerful partnership with Room Women’s Network, a global women’s network headquartered in Canada, committed to the advancement of executive and high-potential pipeline women of today and tomorrow. This partnership, which follows the acquisition of WOI+ by Room’s parent company, More Room for Women, will ignite a global movement, creating a world where women leaders can prosper—professionally and personally.

WOI+ has been a pivotal force in advancing gender equity in the workplace for over 30 years, renowned for its high-profile events, premier awards programs, and engaged global community. Through its strategic partnership with Room, WOI+ will accelerate growth and amplify its impact. Room’s private membership community, which connects and supports both exceptional women leaders and high-potential pipeline women, will magnify and complement WOI+’s mission.

Nearly 60 million women have left the global workforce since 2020, and gender parity in the pipeline to senior leadership is backsliding at an alarming rate.

“Confronting everything from workplace ageism to Tall Poppy Syndrome™, we recognize and understand the barriers and challenges that women face in the workplace,” said Dr. Rumeet Billan, CEO, WOI+. “With a deep understanding of the complex issues that impact professional growth, well-being, and career advancement, WOI+ will leverage Room’s ability to create intimate, highly curated personal and professional development opportunities to address these issues. “We are so much stronger together, and this partnership will amplify our impact and accelerate our global growth.”

Dr. Billan will continue her role as CEO of Women of Influence+, guiding the organization through its next phase of growth and impact. Under her leadership, WOI+ will deepen its commitment to empowering women across the professional realm to reshape the landscape of women’s leadership globally.

Through the partnership, Room will strengthen WOI+’s award-winning programming and content with the addition of forum groups, experience sharing, and best-in-class network modelling to tackle the challenges that women are facing in the workplace.

“We believe in the power and potential of women,” said Alexandra Blum, Co-Founder of Room. “We are realizing the greater opportunity that exists to help women in the leadership pipeline while ensuring executive women succeed in their positions. Both Room and WOI+ will harness their combined resources to strengthen and accelerate their impact, uplifting women everywhere.”

The partnership will provide Canadian employers with innovative new platforms to help their most accomplished women achieve further success in their professional and personal lives.

“Corporate leadership across Canada needs to move quickly, aggressively and transparently to get more women back on track to leadership roles. Our country’s economic future depends on it,” says Pamela Jeffrey, Founder of The Prosperity Project, in her article A generation of Canadian women poised for leadership roles is disappearing, published in The Globe & Mail. “When women succeed, we all prosper.” 

About Women of Influence+

For more than three decades, Women of Influence+ has been at the forefront of sharing the unfiltered success stories of self-identifying women and gender-diverse role models, with the aim to illustrate the unique paths and challenges these individuals navigate to reach success. Their goal isn’t to change the narrative — they are rewriting it.

WOI+ understands that there are many challenges women face when trying to navigate advancement in their careers. Instead of watching from the sidelines, they take a proactive, inclusive, and multi-faceted approach to ensure women are supported and celebrated every step of the way.

Through carefully curated success stories, awards programs, learning and development events, and research, WOI+ provides a reimagined definition of what it means to be influential. This definition isn’t static; it’s inclusive, dynamic and deeply considers how influence is used to positively impact the world of business and work.

WOI+ equips women with connections, support, training, and tools to carve new pathways and excel within their careers—on their terms. No matter what stage you are at in your career when you discover the WOI+ platform, there is something here for you.

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About Room Women’s Network

Room is a Canadian-headquartered, global network for women leaders of today and tomorrow. Room brings together a diverse collective of women leaders and high-potential pipeline women, and empowers them to grow together to innovate, lead and drive future advancement. With a deep belief in the power and potential of women, Room’s mission is to accelerate gender equality in senior leadership and executive roles.

Almost sixty million women have left the global workforce since 2020. While the number of women in senior roles is gradually starting to climb, the pipeline is diminishing. Without support for women leaders of the future, gender parity in leadership roles will remain out of reach. Room provides a supportive network, and the career development tools women need to get back on track to filling leadership roles. Room is committed to giving women the resources and support network they need to magnify their influence, expand creativity, and work together to elevate women leadership.

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Head of Media, Women of Influence+

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