Lise Watier
Fondatrice de Cosmétiques Lise Watier

Montreal - April 21st

Join us for an inside look into the fascinating career of a French-Canadian icon as she reveals how she built her namesake brand into a global phenomenon and established a unique legacy that spans generations, focusing on what she is truly passionate about – women’s empowerment.


Leadership through Change and Conflict – May 26 2015

May 26th, 2015

This course provides insights into common pitfalls in leadership styles and tools to navigate workplace challenges. By better understanding your leadership style, you can more effectively leverage your innate skills during complex and ambiguous situations.


If Leaving Your Mark is Important, Why Leave Your Legacy to Chance?

Being disruptive in a positive way can change the course of a business or a life. Whether we realize it or not, we are all building our legacies every day. If leaving your mark is important to you, then why leave it to chance?


How to Manage Challenging Conversations in the Workplace
The next time you have to engage in a challenging conversation, prepare yourself with these four methods from our Executive Director and Lead Coach of the Women of Influence Advancement Centre, Christine Laperriere.


Prepare to Forge Your Own Path in 2 Minutes

“You just have to find a new angle.” It’s a great quote that I hear, oh I don’t know, a dozen times a week when my son watches, and re-watches, Big Hero 6. I enjoy this repetition in my life as a reminder of how we can get stuck following the same routine, but somehow expecting we will still learn and thrive.


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Cathie Borrie Vancouver April 15, 2015 Luncheon Series
Lise Watier Montreal April 21, 2015 Luncheon Series
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Mastering Me Toronto May 13, 2015 Advancement Centre
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What Employers Really Want: Learn How To Get Hired From a Leading Recruiter Calgary June 3, 2015 Young Women
Liane Davey Calgary June 4, 2015 Luncheon Series
Mastering Me Toronto September 16, 2015 Advancement Centre
Find Your Passion Toronto September 22, 2015 Advancement Centre
Building Your Personal Brand Toronto October 6, 2015 Advancement Centre
Strategic Leadership & Influence Toronto October 28, 2015 Advancement Centre
Leadership Through Change and Conflict Toronto November 11, 2015 Advancement Centre
RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards Gala Toronto November 18, 2015 Entrepreneur Awards
Be Bold, Not Abrasive Toronto November 25, 2015 Advancement Centre
Networks That Work Toronto December 8, 2015 Advancement Centre


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Shoppers Drug Mart partners with new agency and expands sponsorship with Women of Influence

Shoppers Drug Mart is building a bigger, multi-channel marketing strategy with the help of new media partnerships and a new agency of record, Toronto-based John St. Shoppers is also expanding an existing sponsorship relationship with Women of Influence.