Sally Armstrong

Sally Armstrong

May 28th, 2014

Seven honorary doctorate degrees. Three books. One Order of Canada. Impressed? Well, that is only the tip of the iceberg that represents Sally Armstrong ... >>



Are You Healthy?

It’s a question many in our community were faced with last fall when Arianna Huffington spoke to a crowd of 900 men and women over lunch. Her theory is that ... >>


Gender Intelligence

Gender Intelligence

Our aim is to provide the next level in the diversity movement. We have moved beyond “women’s issues”, and even gender diversity, to Gender Intelligence.... >>



Building Your Personal Brand

This highly interactive workshop is designed to help you discover, build, and leverage your powerful and authentic self into a personal brand that utilizes ... >>


Carolyn Lawrence: An Inspired View

You can have work life balance, just not all at the same time

It’s wise advice I’ve heard before, and was reminded again last week, by one of our newest board advisors, Deirdre Horgan. It rings true for me this month as Women of Influence is in peak event and production season, on top of growing and training a super-powered new team, and oh yes, launching internationally. >>

  • Any job has the potential of leading you somewhere great. Make the most of every opportunity and be grateful to where it can lead you.
    - Sarah Richardson
  • Leadership should be born out of the understanding of the needs of those who would be affected by it.
    - Marian Anderson
  • It would be futile to attempt to fit women into a masculine pattern of attitudes, skills and abilities.
    - Arianna Huffington
  • The hard work that is living up to expectations because somebody has risked something on you [is] you are going to give it 100%.
    - Amanda Lang
  • Your career is a marathon, not a sprint.
    - Sandra Sanderson