Ahead of the Curve: Building One of Canada’s Top Agencies
Mia Pearson, Co-Founder, North Strategic

Toronto - September 15th

Many people have a ‘big idea’ for a business yet most are unsure how to get it off the ground - or furthermore, turn it into a success. Who better to turn to for expert insight than last year’s Deloitte Start-Up winner of the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, Mia Pearson, who took home the win with the fascinating story of how she grew her latest venture from a novel idea to one of the most competitive communications agencies in Toronto.


Building Your Personal Brand – Oct 6 2015

October 6th, 2015

In strategically managing how you are perceived and your personal brand, you can help overcome the common pitfall of being unsure or uncomfortable with marketing yourself. This highly interactive workshop is designed to help you discover, build, and leverage insights about yourself into a personal brand that resonates with who you are.


Failure is for Winners

Taking risks, in business and in life, will inevitably come with a few mistakes. How can we leverage these mistakes so that that we learn, grow, and use them to excel our business, careers, and lives forward? Serial entrepreneur, Joanna Track, weighs in and lets us know how some of her failures have led to some of her biggest successes.


Why it Matters that Pinterest Released Their Diversity Numbers
We are "pinterested" in the courageous announcement by Pinterest to expose their vulnerabilities by way of publishing their diversity numbers. Why is the revelation so important? They're more than just stats, they're a call to action.


Happiness is Trending

At Women of Influence this week, we have all been talking about our most enjoyable moments from the August long weekend. For me, I was happiest belting out tunes with the family to pass the time in the rain, watching my brother teach my kid how to catch his first wave on a boogie board, and getting lost on a forest trail as I followed my heart (rather than directions) on a run.


Event City Date
Ahead of the Curve: Building One of Canada’s Top Agencies Toronto September 15, 2015 Women of Influence Evening Series
Mastering Me Toronto September 16, 2015 Advancement Centre
Find Your Passion Toronto September 22, 2015 Advancement Centre
Making a Difference: Meet a Non-profit Leader with Global Clout Calgary September 23, 2015 Women of Influence Evening Series
What It Takes: Leading Canada’s Most Ambitious New Energy Program Calgary September 24, 2015 Women of Influence Luncheon Series
Global Perspective: Meet The Woman Leading Cisco Canada into the Future Toronto September 30, 2015 Women of Influence Luncheon Series
Building Your Personal Brand Toronto October 6, 2015 Advancement Centre
The View from the Anchor's Chair Vancouver October 27, 2015 Women of Influence Luncheon Series
Strategic Leadership & Influence Toronto October 28, 2015 Advancement Centre
The Kidnap Survivor Who Learned To Forgive: Amanda Lindhout’s Story Toronto October 29, 2015 Women of Influence Evening Series
A Career Rebound: Lessons from the President of a Global Fashion Brand Calgary November 10, 2015 Women of Influence Luncheon Series
Leadership Through Change and Conflict Toronto November 11, 2015 Advancement Centre
Taking the Top: How to Become the Leader of a Successful Corporate Brand Calgary November 12, 2015 Women of Influence Evening Series
RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards Gala Toronto November 18, 2015 Entrepreneur Awards
Strategies for Success in a Changing Industry Landscape Ottawa November 24, 2015 Women of Influence Luncheon Series
Be Bold, Not Abrasive Toronto November 26, 2015 Advancement Centre
Selling Joy and the Strategy of Reinvention Toronto December 3, 2015 Luncheon Series
Networks That Work Toronto December 8, 2015 Advancement Centre
Leading Ontario: 35 Years in Public Service Kitchener-Waterloo December 9, 2015 Women of Influence Luncheon Series
How to Break the Rules & Win: Lessons from the Advertising Industry’s Most Infamous Trailblazers Toronto December 16, 2015 Women of Influence Evening Series


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Deloitte and Women of Influence announce alliance

Deloitte and Women of Influence announced today that they have entered into a strategic alliance. The agreement, which builds on a long-standing relationship between the two organizations, will enable them to make greater strides in advancing inclusion through gender diversity in the workplace.