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Three Practical Skills That Companies Are Always Looking For

Christine Laperriere is the Executive Director of the Women of Influence Advancement Centre. She is a professional coach and certified expert in helping people and organizations identify talent and opportunities, build individual and collective skills, and apply them for powerful, lasting change.

We ask Christine to list the practical skills women need to stay employable and how these skills can be strengthened in a corporate environment.

Here are 3 practical skills that companies are always looking for:

[woiiconheading type=”h4″]Leadership in challenging environments[/woiiconheading]

Companies are excited to hear a candidate explain their leadership intelligence when managing a tough team or project.

[woiiconheading type=”h4″]Ability to network strategically[/woiiconheading]

Candidates who have excellent rapport with potential clients, customers, and competitors will have a leading edge in a competitive hiring position.

[woiiconheading type=”h4″]Strategic thinking[/woiiconheading]

It is a critical skill that many companies are hunting for. They want to see leaders who can evaluate day-to-day challenges and make complex decisions while weighing out long-term impact.

[woiiconheading type=”h4″]How can I strengthen these skills?[/woiiconheading]

Two ways. First, proactive professionals attend training on these skills; although internal training is valuable, it can help to leave your corporate environment and learn in a less customized, more transferable manner. Second, assessment tools that include team and colleague feedback, such as a 360 assessment, can offer deeper insight.

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