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March 2015

Lorraine Mitchelmore
President & EVP of Heavy Oil, Shell Canada
Join Women of Influence for our first Luncheon event of the 2015 Season, showcasing one of Canada’s visionary business leaders Lorraine Mitchelmore. Discover her personal story from humble beginnings to rising through the ranks of two top spots at Oil & Gas powerhouse Shell Canada. An avid lover of the outdoors, Lorraine wants to leave her mark by building Shell Canada into the most responsible program in the industry. Hear how she positioned herself for success while managing the pressures and challenges of making hard decisions in a male-dominated industry. Lorraine will reveal the best advice she has received and how she incorporated it into her strategy for defining a challenging, fulfilling and balanced career. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear tips from Lorraine on how female executives can reach the top!

Turn a Bright Idea into a Multi-Million Dollar International Brand
Jennifer Carlson, Founder, Baby Gourmet

Topic: Business Strategy

Many people have a ‘bright idea’ for a business yet most are unsure how to get it off the ground. Who better to turn to for expert insight than last year’s TELUS Trailblazer winner of the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, Jennifer Carlson, who took home the win with her fascinating story of business savvy and retail success.

What a story it is! Jennifer developed Baby Gourmet in response to what she saw as a huge gap in the baby food industry for nutritious and delicious alternatives. She debuted this innovative idea in the stalls at the local Farmer’s Market and through ingenuity and perseverance has grown it into the number one selling baby food brand that now lines the shelves of major retailers like Loblaws and WalMart, capturing a massive 20% market share of the highly competitive Canadian industry.

Join us on March 10th to discover the key ingredients to Jennifer’s inspiring success story, including how to identify and capitalize on niche ideas, trusting your instincts to take huge risks, and being adaptable to change in order to stay the course.

Unlock Your Potential: Transform a Business Plan
into a National Franchise
Kristen Wood, CEO & Creator, THE TEN SPOT

Topic: Career Management

You may recognize Kristen Wood as one of 2014’s PROFIT/Chatelaine top 100 female entrepreneurs, as one of Ernst & Young’s Winning Women, or as the subject of countless editorials on Toronto’s hottest movers and shakers - you will definitely recognize her award-winning brand, THE TEN SPOT. On March 24th, you’ll get a chance to hear Kristen’s unbelievable story first-hand and access the confidence and guidance you may need to leave the 9-5 and embark on your own entrepreneurial journey.

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention and leads to large leaps of faith when there is no safety net to catch you. In 2006 Kristen Wood was newly made redundant from a graphic design firm. After ruminating with her friend over a slice of pie that there was a gap in the beauty market, Kristen sparked her big idea. She was fueled by inspiration and the irrepressible excitement of what she just discovered within herself. She wrote an entire business plan, created a logo, named a company and purchased a URL all in one night.

Learn how Kristen took her business plan and turned it into THE TEN SPOT, now a multi-million dollar company with 14 locations that employs almost 70 people. Join us as Kristen reveals her strategies for franchising her vision and how to take steps toward building your business from the spark of an idea to creating an award- winning national expansion.

Access to the C-Suite: Driving Change From the Top
Janet Kennedy, Colleen Albiston, Tracie Crook

To kick off our 21st season, we’re opening a confidential door to the boardroom and bringing to the stage three female leaders who have taken coveted positions in the C-Suite of some of Canada’s top companies. Join us for an unparalleled opportunity to gain inside access and find out how they are each driving exceptional change from the highest ranks.

Janet Kennedy, President of Microsoft Canada: Leading the migration of the tech giant’s channels to the cloud and has grown sales to over $3 Billion.

Colleen Albiston, Chief Marketing Officer at Deloitte: Overhauling the traditional approach to B2B marketing by rethinking the way content is produced and consumed.

Tracie Crook, Chief Operating Officer at McCarthy Tétrault: Revamping an antiquated business model to better serve modern client needs and compete in a global economy.

Find out how they have uniquely:
  • Developed the Blueprint: Identifying Priorities & The Roadmap To Success
  • Effected Change: How To Execute the Plan and Measure Results
  • Wielded Influence: How To Get Buy-In and What It’s Like to Be a Driver of Change

Space is limited - book your individual or group tickets today!

April 2015

Janet Kestin & Nancy Vonk
Best-Selling Authors and Co-Founders of Swim

How to Break the Rules and Win

The two masterminds behind the DOVE Campaign for Real Beauty and former co-chief creative officers of Ogilvy & Mather Toronto will join us to unveil the behind-the-scenes story of how they unwittingly shattered the glass ceiling by challenging convention in the cut-throat advertising industry, and as a result became two of the most prolific forces in the field. Backed by a collective wealth of experience that includes major industry accolades [Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends; 100 Most Influential Women in Advertising, etc.] and best-selling books [“Pick Me”, a staple in ad schools from Texas to Turkey; “Darling You Can’t Do Both”, a recent 2014 release], Janet and Nancy will inspire you to learn from their instinct to challenge the status quo and apply the same tactics to fuel your own career. Their honesty, humour and no holds-barred insights into overcoming common challenges women face while navigating the workforce will have you laughing, crying, and most importantly, ready to take on a new professional year with a fresh perspective.

Cathie Borrie
Author of "The Long Hello"

Turning a Personal Challenge into a Professional Triumph

Vancouver native Cathie Borrie enjoyed a successful career as a nurse, lawyer, and board member until she was unexpectedly faced with a universal struggle – an ailing parent who needs dedicated care. In this case, her mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and Cathie was ultimately led to make the difficult decision to relinquish her professional pursuits and nurse her mother full-time.

In the face of adversity, Cathie seized the opportunity to identify a new professional calling that would soon lead her on a national tour for her first memoir. “The Long Hello” is a fascinating and emotionally-charged narrative that documents Cathie’s last years with her mother through poetry and prose, and has been endorsed by the likes of Maria Shriver and Lisa Genova, the author of “Still Alice”. Using “The Long Hello” to provide a unique lens into the fight against Alzheimer’s, Cathie has also since become a tireless advocate for both those who suffer from the disease and their caretakers.

Join us to learn how one woman transformed her personal challenge into a fulfilling professional journey and how her lessons in adversity can make a positive impact on you.

Shelley Martin
CEO, Nestlé Canada

“Journey To The Top: Leading a Powerhouse Global Brand”

Shelley Martin sits at the helm of the Canadian division of Nestlé, one of the world’s largest consumer products organizations in Canada, next to Pepsi and Coke.

After joining the company 25 years ago, she progressively worked her way up through managing several divisions, quickly being recognized as a talented leader with a knack for growth innovation. Shelley was inevitably appointed CEO in 2012 and now leads over 3,600 people and 23 facilities.

Join us on April 16 to discover how Shelley positioned herself for the top seat, the key milestones along her journey, and the most critical tools she leverages in leading a global brand.

Lise Watier
Fondatrice de Cosmétiques Lise Watier

Lise Watier, fondatrice de Cosmétiques Lise Watier

Devenir une figure marquante: ou « Comment bâtir une entreprise à force de convictions et de passion »

Soyez parmi nous en cette rare occasion où la grande femme d'affaires québécoise Lise Watier parlera de sa carrière fascinante.

Lise Watier expliquera en détail comment :

  • elle a fait un phénomène mondial de la marque qui porte son nom et bâti une entreprise unique en son genre qui traverse les générations
  • elle a su se façonner une carrière particulièrement exceptionnelle dans le monde des cosmétiques, misant sur son sens des affaires et la justesse de sa vision du marché pour créer une marque maintenant notoire
  • elle est parvenue à abattre un nombre incalculable de barrières, notamment en devenant la première femme nommée « Homme du mois » par le magazine Commerce, en 1983.

Lise Watier a reçu de nombreux prix, et c'est en outre une véritable « visionnaire », selon l'équipe 2014 du Marketing Hall of Legends. Mais au-delà de son succès commercial, c'est probablement son engagement sans faille à conférer leur autonomie aux femmes qui la définit le mieux. Grâce à l'Institut Lise Watier et à la fondation qui porte son nom, un nombre incalculable de femmes ont trouvé l'inspiration les incitant à vivre sans s'imposer aucune contrainte.

« J'ai consacré ma vie aux femmes, entourée de femmes et pensant aux femmes. Il m'apparaît tout à fait normal que la Fondation Lise Watier redonne aux femmes. »

Le nombre de places étant limité, réservez aujourd'hui le billet qui vous permettra d'entendre le passionnant récit de madame Watier!

June 2015

What Employers Really Want:
Learn How To Get Hired From a Leading Recruiter
Shahauna Siddiqui, Managing Partner and Co-founder of BluEra
Join us for an unprecedented opportunity to tap into one of Calgary’s top recruiters and get the leading edge on outperforming your competition and positioning yourself as the most desirable candidate in the eyes of an employer.

The path to advancement has many curves. One of the most common roadblocks is learning how to position yourself to be the winning candidate for your dream job. Learning how to sell your achievements on paper and then present yourself in person can be challenging. We’re going to help you change that.

Shahauna Siddiqui, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of BluEra, has over a decade of recruitment practice and has helped position hundreds of successful candidates in top-tier positions. She’s worked with Calgary’s leading organizations and knows exactly what clients are really looking for in high potential employees. Now she’s joining us to share her insider perspective on how to gain that elusive competitive edge and take the next step in your career.

During this transformative evening you will learn:
• How to position yourself for advancement
• How to sell your strengths and accomplishments
• How to avoid and overcome common pitfalls in the hiring process
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