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Nicole Janssen

Nicole Janssen, Co‐Founder and Co‐CEO of AltaML

Nicole Janssen is the Co‐Founder and Co‐CEO of AltaML, a Canadian artificial intelligence (AI) scaleup that designs and implements applied AI solutions for businesses. Founded by Nicole and her co-CEO Cory Janssen in 2018, AltaML is a leading applied AI studio and developer of machine learning (ML) software known for building powerful AI tools and pursuing product opportunities through industry-specific joint ventures, creating operational efficiency, reducing risk, and generating new sources of revenue for customers. Servicing different sectors like agriculture, financial services, energy, and health, Nicole is responsible for overseeing the growth of AltaML’s business. Passionate and actively involved in helping business leaders understand the importance of ethical AI, Nicole has been recognized by the Responsible AI Institute for her work. She is active in her community and currently serves as a Director at Edmonton Unlimited, Mitacs, and the Canadian Council of Innovators (CCI).

In 2022, Nicole and Cory led significant technology ecosystem building initiatives with accomplishments in elevating the profile of Alberta technology, challenging a regulatory body, and, in partnership with the Government of Alberta, launching, the province’s first artificial intelligence lab. With $3.4 million in annual funding for 5 years, is groundbreaking as a new model for government and private sector collaboration and workforce upskilling that leverages invested private sector partners. is also groundbreaking in that, as a young tech scaleup, AltaML was able to demonstrate its credibility to the Government of Alberta which typically only engages very well-established entities, disrupting Alberta’s tech ecosystem and setting a precedent for years to come.