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Louise Aspin

She has been instrumental in securing support to address the needs of the world's aging population.

Louise Aspin is the Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer of the University Health Network Foundation (UHNF),  one of the largest research and teaching hospital networks in Canada. Having been with the UHNF since 2007, Louise oversees all fundraising portfolios, and throughout her tenure, she has managed to secure over $2B in funding. In 2022, Louise and her team successfully secured over $150M to address one of the largest and most important healthcare needs: the world’s aging population. With such significant donations, the UHNF has the capacity to address three key areas of attention related to our aging population. Under Louise’s leadership, the UHNF will be able to create the first purpose-built emergency medicine centre dedicated to older adults; support the development of naturally occurring Canadian retirement communities (NORCs) by working with communities to co-design clinical, social, and technological interventions to support aging in place and independently; drive innovation to better diagnose correct, predict, and prevent heart failure for patients around the world, one of the world’s most burdensome and challenging chronic diseases for aging populations.