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Shedding light on the disparities amplified through the pandemic

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Throughout the pandemic, we’ve heard the phrase “We’re all in this together” — but are we? Looking closer, the impact of COVID-19 is not equal for all. To shed light on the disparities amplified through the pandemic, we’re partnering with the 30% Club Canada to amplify the voices of community leaders, who are sharing their unique challenges and their thoughts on how we can build a better, more inclusive future.

Women of Influence Unmasked Event

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As a follow-up to the Unmasked content series, we brought together an esteemed group of thought leaders including Karlyn Percil, Candies Kotchapaw, Dr. Pam Palmater, and Dr. Wendy Cukier to shed insight on the current landscape and share concrete calls to action on how to build a more inclusive future.

COVID has amplified existing disparities — but can it also play a role in addressing them?

"We often get, ‘We’re not the same as the US,’ which invisibilizes the harm that Black, racialized and Indigenous people experience in this country. "

"We need to have an explicit diversity lens on these decisions, or you're going to kill off whatever diversity we've been fighting to get in the last decade or so, including in corporate Canada."

"It’s really important that we get these stories out, and show Canadians that this is where hope is, supporting Native people in asserting and defending their sovereignty and territory, and the right to make decisions for themselves; that’s what will get us out of this."

"I think the assumption is that people will just get by and figure it out, but you can’t have those assumptions when you’re dealing with a population of people that have already been marginalized within society. COVID really has rolled back the curtain on all the inequities that exist."

"There’s a sense of, welcome to my world, and a real opportunity to develop a sense of empathy and work towards a greater understanding of inclusion because things that were considered accommodations, or things that are accessible specifically for people with disabilities, are now things that every person needs."