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Meet Laura Williams, HR lawyer, strategic advisor, and DEI expert

As an advisor to several organizations, she provides clients with strategies that help mitigate workplace law challenges

Meet Laura Williams, founder and managing partner of Williams HR Law LLP and CEO of Williams HR Consulting Inc. With over twenty years of experience, Laura provides strategic advice and legal representation in areas like labour, employment law, and human rights matters. As a workplace investigator, Laura also conducts investigations and organizational reviews related to equity, diversity, inclusion, and systemic discrimination issues.

 As an expert in her field, Laura is passionate about providing clients with advice and strategies that help mitigate workplace law challenges and reduce any liability and expenses accrued as a result of ineffective and noncompliant workplace practices. When Laura is not working with clients or running her firms, she frequently chairs, educates, and keynotes at legal, business, and association conferences. Additionally, Laura conducts customized corporate trainings to help organizations determine legal risks and implement DEI and people management strategies. Learn more about Laura below.

My first job ever was… assistant teaching group music appreciation classes for preschoolers when I was 13.

I’m passionate about what I do because… I love helping organizations fix their people issues, particularly in these complex times.

I started my firm because… I wanted to develop a team that was truly committed to helping employers address workplace issues proactively.

My proudest accomplishment is… watching the individuals I have mentored become amazing professionals.

My biggest setback was… enduring turnover. 

I overcame it by… continuing to be committed to onboarding the best talent and strategically recalibrating our team without compromising client service.

My best advice for anyone that cares about a cause and would like to become involved is… to truly assess how you can help and leverage others in your network to contribute. 

The one piece of advice I give that I have trouble following myself is… taking time to refuel and recharge. I’m getting better at this with time.

If I were to pick one thing that has helped me succeed, it would be… faith.

If you googled me, you still wouldn’t know… how much I love music. It’s my fuel.  

I stay inspired by… knowing that my purpose is to help. 

The future excites me because… the changes we are experiencing and the re-prioritization of how we want to be, live, and work has provided opportunities for us to evolve beyond what we thought was possible. To maximize these opportunities, we need to focus on compassion, tolerance, and empathy, and be intentional, agile, and patient.  

My next step is… always in the works.


To keep up with Laura, you can connect with her on LinkedIn.