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Meet Janét Aizenstros, the Chairwoman & CEO of A 9-Figure Company, Ahava Group Global (AGG)

Dr. Janét Aizenstros is the Chairwoman and CEO of Ahava Group Global (AGG) — a women-led modern media parent company that serves Fortune and multinational media companies in fifteen locations globally. This year, she reached a new height in her career when she scaled Ahava Group Global to nine-figures. She is an internationally recognized leader and is the creator of the first impact fund in Canada led by an Afro-Canadian woman that focuses on women entrepreneurs creating social impact through technology. 


My first job ever was… helping my mom clean houses and offices when I was a kid for secondary income. Then eventually when I was old enough to get a real job, I worked for Zellers as a cashier.

My proudest accomplishment is… being a mom of two little people who are two of the brightest people I’ve met.  My proudest professional accomplishment is having the fastest-growing, women-led digital consultancy globally founded by a black woman.  

Being the Chairwoman & CEO of Ahava Group Global is… exciting. It is such a tremendous honour to serve people who just love helping others. The women and men who are employed by AGG globally have been some of the most amazing people I have ever met. They want to help, learn and support the vision of our clients who I’m proud to serve. Many of my employees have worked for Ahava Group Global since it’s launch in 2011, and we just keep growing!

My boldest move to date was… becoming a lead investor in a data center in the United States which led to me working with other Sovereigns, Monarchs and world governments including billionaire investors and Fortune companies. 

I surprise people when I tell them… I wanted to be a singer. Actually, in my high school yearbook, I was voted most likely to be famous. Everyone thought it would be for singing, however, entrepreneurship is the blessing that gave me a life with purpose and a life worth living. I am happier to have travelled this path than the path of fame. I don’t know if I would have created the same impact or changed the lives I have in a tangible way. 

I would tell my 21-year old self… slow down. There is no rush. Just be intentional. Intentionality is an art that is fueled by feeling and being present for the experience. 


The future of entrepreneurship is intentional, soul-driven leadership that focuses on business that is resourceful to create sustainability.


My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is… be honest about why you want to be an entrepreneur. The future of entrepreneurship is intentional, soul-driven leadership that focuses on business that is resourceful to create sustainability. Don’t become an entrepreneur just because it is a trending fad. You won’t make it. Like Steve Jobs said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Entrepreneurship is the survival of the fittest. It’s hard as hell but those that can endure will reap the rewards of it.

My biggest professional influences have been… I have many amazing people around me, there are too many people in my network to choose from. I would say, Michelle Obama. It’s amazing seeing and meeting a black woman that reminds me of me. I love everything about her. Her mindset is what I strongly resonate with in terms of never letting anyone define who you are or allowing society to make you believe that you are less than. I grew up in a community that strongly supported my growth and vision for the person I became today.

My biggest setback was… I have had a few. I would say divorce and everything divorce entailed. Even ending a marriage on amicable terms is still heart-wrenching combined with financial setbacks around a divorce. It can be derailing to most people to the point they can’t get back up again.

I overcame it by… I put in the work to become a better person mentally and emotionally. Through podcasting, I connected with many world-renowned leaders who became mentors and friends who aided and supported me on my journey. I transformed because it was my choice to become better. I desired change for me and my children. I was relentless in my pursuit of joy and peace for my family. I already had a core foundation of discipline, consistency and focus.

The most challenging thing about what I do is… in business you can’t please everyone. I focus on ensuring I can look at myself everyday in the mirror — knowing I gave it my best and did the best I could possibly do. 

Work/life balance is… I don’t believe in balance, but harmony. I stay harmonious by ensuring all my personal wells of capacity are filled daily. I have a great team of people around me personally and professionally to ensure my success. I prioritize my life by putting me first, family second, and business third. I relax when on vacation. I take self-care time when I am travelling for business, too.

I stay inspired by… doing everything that is fueled by my soul. I believe in soul leadership. I am inspired by my community, the women I mentor, my friends, my family, my children and my life partner. I believe God gives us the ability to see the Source’s presence in everything. 

The future excites me because… there is complete uncertainty. The possibilities are endless for me professionally and personally. 

My next step is… I am currently completing another book, film and album. COVID-19 may have dampened the world but I see it as a wonderful opportunity to get reconnected to our passions, redefining our missions, and clarifying our visions.