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Meet Misty McLandress, a Junk-ette throwing misconceptions about women in dirty jobs to the trash

Misty McLandress manages not only the back-end and day-to-day operations of a JUSTJUNK removal franchise, but can also be found on-site and in the trucks, directly serving her customers, who are often surprised to find a woman ready and willing to haul their garbage. Yet despite the stereotype, Misty loves her work, and credits a mother who always encouraged her to not worry about gender roles when it came to picking a career for her success — and the fulfillment that comes with it. “I saw the value in the service that JUSTJUNK would provide to others in our city and families like ours. Helping others and seeing how pleased they are when the job is complete is a great feeling.”





My first job ever was… Working as a hostess in a beachside burger restaurant.


I chose my career path because… After working in an office 8-5 for over 15 years I had learned so much. I had also been very fortunate to work with a Vice President who always encouraged me to try something different, learn something new, and grow professionally. I knew it was time to focus my energy to grow something of my own.


My proudest accomplishment is… My family. I have two wonderful boys who keep our house full of energy, and a caring a supportive spouse who is by my side every day.


My boldest move to date was… Moving to Canada 17 years ago and leaving my friends and family.


Being a woman in a male dominated industry is… Exciting and frustrating at times. I was lucky to have a mother who worked throughout my childhood in a male dominated field. She told me to always stand up for myself and my family. Learning to speak up and assert yourself is not always easy, but it helps when you love what you do.


I get ahead by… Getting up early every day and constantly staying busy.


I surprise people when I tell them… I work in the junk removal business!


My best advice to people starting out in entrepreneurship is… Don’t give up. In the beginning there will be many ups and downs. Believe in yourself, learn from your mistakes, and enjoy what you do every day.


My best advice from a mentor was… I have had two people in my life who have told me the same thing repeatedly: “Invest in yourself.” They both believe in me and have supported me every step of the way.


“Believe in yourself, learn from your mistakes, and enjoy what you do every day”


My biggest setback was… I have been fortunate not to have any major setbacks so far. I like to believe it is due to the support and guidance of my family, friends, and mentors.


Work/life balance is… A balancing act every day. Being there to hear about my children’s day, attending their after school activities, exercising, managing a business, and finding time for fun are on the agenda, and some days require more effort to find balance, but it’s all worth it.


If you Googled me, you still wouldn’t know… I’m horribly afraid of spiders!


I stay inspired by… Learning new things and looking for new opportunities to grow.


The future excites me because… Every day is different and filled with new challenges.


My next step is… Continuing to grow brand recognition in Winnipeg and increasing our truck fleet.