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money making change

A guide to using investments, charitable giving, and everyday spending to make the world a better place.

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Can you help to build a better future? Yes, and here's how.

The businesses you buy from, the companies you invest in, and the charities you choose all have one thing in common: each presents an opportunity to support a better future, from improving gender equity to addressing systemic racism to combating climate change. Not sure how to get started? On this page you’ll find all you need to get inspired, be informed, and take action — so you can get your money making change. 

role models

Get inspired

Sharon Haward-Laird, General Counsel at BMO Financial Group and Executive Committee Lead for Sustainability and BMO for Women, shares how BMO is leveraging their commitment to sustainability with a new platform, the BMO Climate Institute.

let's start with a big idea

By Joanna Rotenberg, Group Head at BMO Wealth Management, BMO Financial Group

Have you asked yourself, “How can I help make a difference?”⁠ Joanna Rotenberg did, and she came up with an answer: redefining ‘investments’ to include the dozens of ‘here and now’ spend decisions we make every week. Not only do they add up, each one is an investment that can uplift and support people, organizations, communities, and ideals. 

Backstage Capital’s General Partner shares how (and why) she’s making venture more equitable.

Jenn Harper, founder of Cheekbone Beauty, shares why she invests in the earth and her community.

Her radically generous community is fostering equity and sustainability.

Women-owned business have shown resilience and innovation in the face of the pandemic — and here are four ways you can give them your support:


Take action

Laura Reinholz, BMO's Head, Workplace Experience GTA, shares her personal journey and tips for how you can start.

It starts with being conscious of where and when you spend.

Get started no matter what your budget or your goals.


Be informed

Getting started with Responsible Investing may feel daunting. Get clarity on these key terms so you can align your investment strategy with your values and your goals.

Four simple steps to align your values with your investments — without compromising returns.

Lydia Potocnik

Lydia Potocnik, Head of Estate Planning & Philanthropic Advisory Services with BMO, shares her advice:

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