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We want to shine a spotlight on as many extraordinary women as we can. So if you have a great story or some expertise to share, we have a big, diverse community that we’d like to introduce you to. The options below are a great place to start (and will soon be growing). If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you are looking to share a bit about who you are and some of the gems of wisdom you’ve learned on your journey to success, our Meet a Role Model column may be a fit for you. Start by sending us a short bio, and if we think you’re a fit we’ll get the process started (due to a very high volume of requests, and a very small team, it may take several weeks to hear back, though we do aim to respond to everyone). 

We’ll send questions to be answered over email that highlight the journey you have been on and what you’ve learned along the way. Responses can be a few words to a few short sentences. The story also opens with a short bio, which we’ll adapt from the one you sent in. This is strictly editorial, so there’s no opportunity for promotional messages, but it’s a great way to get your name out there, and at no cost. We’ll also require a photo to be provided for the story that can ideally be cropped in landscape orientation. There’s quite a few in the queue, so we can’t guarantee when your article will run — standard wait time is 8-12 weeks. You can find samples here, and we accept submissions through email.  

Our Expert Advice section offers an opportunity for subject matter experts and qualified leaders to provide actionable advice on a specific topic relevant for an audience of professional women and/or entrepreneurs. We have to approve the topic in advance (a short synopsis will do), and we’ll need to see a sample of your writing to proceed. This is strictly editorial, so we’ll ask you to revise anything that is too promotional, but your name will appear in the byline, and at the end of the article we include a bio, with image, that can have links to your website or contact information (the bio must be kept under 60-words). We accept submissions through email.  

In this feature profile, we would not only share your in-depth entrepreneurial journey, we also subtly weave in your own marketing messages. The process begins with a phone interview, after which our writer will pull together an article of around 800 words featuring quotes from you. You’ll have the opportunity to review and revise it (although we do work hard to make sure it still comes across as editorial, not an ad), and select the week it will run. The cost includes a week on our home page and Inspiration + Insights page, permanent inclusion in the PROFILES section, and an organic and paid week-long social campaign. If you’re interested, you can reach out through email.

Reach out by email with the following items to apply to become a speaker: a bit about yourself and the topics you speak on; a speaker bio and references; a speaker reel and videos. Once the information is received, we will keep it on file for any future opportunities. Due to a very high volume of requests, we are unable to respond to all submissions.