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The Good For You Holiday Gift List

You've made it through most of 2020, and you deserve a treat.

Whether you’ll be celebrating or not, we all have a few days off coming up. And this year, we all deserve a little self care. So instead of helping you with a gift list, we’d like to offer up this holiday guide for treating yourself. All of the products are from amazing women entrepreneurs (whose resilience is keeping us inspired even in these tough times) — so you can show your support while showering yourself with love. 

$89 CAD | Ships to Canada and US

Just because holiday parties are going virtual, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun getting ready for your close-up. Perfect for adding some glamour to your pajama-pants-with-fancy-top look, the kit includes a Holiday Glam Palette, brow gel, perfect blue-red Aki lipstick and Gold Glitter Lip Gloss. 

Jenn Harper Cheekbone Beauty

Meet Jenn Harper

Jenn decided to be an entrepreneur because she wanted to see Indigenous faces represented in beauty. She's accomplished that goal — and much more. Learn about Jen in her own words »

$125 CAD | Ships to Canada and US

We’re declaring the fancy romper the defining fashion item of 2020. Cozy enough for a couch cuddle, luxurious enough for a socially-distanced soirée. How comfy is it? You know that moment when your feet decide they’re no longer friends with your high heels? This is the opposite of that feeling. We’re partial to the Merry Merlot red, but it’s available in Elevated Emerald as well (and sizes XXS to XXXL). 

Meet Ashley Freeborn

Ashley was an educator for the better part of a decade, then moved to corporate training — before finally finding a creative outlet in loungewear fashion design. Learn about Ashley in her own words »

$48.95-58.95 CAD | Ships to Canada and US

While there’s some debate over whether 2020 is the worst year ever, we’ll still be celebrating the end of it with a delightful cup of South-African red rooibos blended with the natural sweetness of apple, orange and rose, and some oh-so-holiday spice notes. Did 2020 kill your spirit of celebration? Try the Heavenly Cream blend instead.

Hoda Paripoush Sloane

Meet Hoda Paripoush

Hoda Paripoush is among the elite group of the first certified tea sommeliers in North America. Her premium teas feature hand blended, all-natural ingredients. Learn about Hoda in her own words »

$78.99 CAD | Ships Globally

Formulated to ease stress and anxiety while deeply nourishing your skin, Ellie Bianca’s bestselling Frankincense and Myrrh Skin Oil is perfect for a head-to-toe winter ritual. Frankincense offers a grounding scent while reducing the appearance of scars and other signs of irritation; Myrrh has a calming scent and the ability to keep blemishes at bay. ⁠Need more skin love? Check out their Holiday Gift Bundles.

Evelyn Nyairo Ellie Bianca

Meet Evelyne Nyairo

Ellie Bianca is built on Evelyne’s desire to be an example to her daughter of what women are capable of, and to empower other women to succeed. Learn about Evelyne in her own words »

$32 CAD | Ships to Canada and US

Resolutions are hard to keep (we’re looking at you, 8 glasses of water a day). Stick to your self-improvement goals with the help of this simple and effective system to form new habits, break old ones, and design the life you deserve. Based on research on habit loops, willpower and motivation, it just takes five minutes per day — transforming your big, bold, audacious vision into actionable, bite-sized chunks.

Meet Lulu Liang

At 25, Lulu Liang was named CEO of global beauty brand, Luxy Hair (she started 3 years prior as an operations assistant). This year, she co-founded Evergreen as a side hustle. Learn about Lulu Liang »

$12 CAD | Ships to Canada

Combine the freshness of peppermint, the cleansing qualities of rosemary, the calming and anti-inflammatory properties of juniper berry and zesty bergamot, and you’ve got a recipe for the ultimate self-care soak. We’ll be ditching our devices, lighting some Sugarmoon Holiday Candles, and relaxing until the water turns cold. 

Meet Paola Girotti

Paola has been growing her salon and all-natural skincare brand for over a decade. It's come with ups and downs (like trademark battles and lockdowns), but she's never lost her giving spirit. Read Paola's advice for women entrepreneurs »

$68 CAD | Pickup or delivery within the GTA

This one’s for our Toronto community: Raise your hand if you deserve to eat a whole fancy gingerbread house (we’ve got ours up).  Nadège’s mouthwatering Holiday 2020 collection includes a build-your-own kit as well (if you didn’t spend all your homemade energy on a sourdough starter), but we prefer this ready-to-eat masterpiece containing colourful meringues, chocolate candy canes and buttercream decorations. 

Chef Nadège Nourian

Meet Nadège Nourian

Born in France, Nadège is a fourth generation pastry chef. She now has 3 locations in Toronto and dreams of building an international brand. Learn about Nadège in her own words »