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Untapped Resources: How to Hire, Advance, and Retain Women



Speakers: Lisa Knight, Managing Partner, Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge. Cheryl Fullerton, Executive Vice President, People and Communications, Corus Entertainment. Michael Bach, Founder and CEO, Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion.


Most organizations want to believe that developing a gender-balanced workforce is one of their top priorities — but is it really? When a lack of workplace diversity and equality continues to make headlines, it’s time we start asking the tough questions: Are organizations attracting diverse talent, and if so, are they hiring them? How are companies failing to support the diverse teams they already have. Most importantly though: is there a silver bullet solution to creating lasting, systemic change? In this episode, three human resources and recruitment thought leaders speak about the best practices and transformative thinking that is supporting the hiring and advancement of women, accelerating organizational change, and ultimately building a stronger, more equal, and more diverse Canadian workforce.






Benefits from having gender-balance


Changing the conversation


Where do organizations begin? Initiatives that actually work


Advancing initiatives in the workplace


Where the feminist movement has left us


Tools for leadership: leading through barriers for women advancement


Perception barriers


Driving change with barriers and unconscious bias


How can we say we made it? What the future will look like