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The Powerful Impact of Activism: How Autumn Peltier is Leading the Next Generation



Speaker: Autumn Peltier, Clean Water Advocate and Anishinabek Nation Chief Water Commissioner


For most of us, the biggest thing we were rallying for at 15 was an extension on our curfew or a new outfit — but Autumn Peltier is not your average 15-year-old. Newly appointed as the Anishinabek Nation chief water commissioner, Autumn has already spent years advocating for water protection in First Nations communities, and around the world. Sharing the message of the sanctity and importance of clean water, Autumn is making some serious waves — from her debut global speech at the Children’s Climate Conference in Sweden in 2015, to the 2019 address at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. In this episode of Live From the Podium, Autumn shares her story with a clear statement urging the community to respect the importance of clean water.






Alicia Dubois, Vice President, Indigenous Markets at CIBC introduces Autumn Peltier


Autumn Peltier land acknowledgement


Reflecting on being a 15 year old activist


The impact of the lack of clean water in Canadian indigenous communities


Autumn reflects on her grandmothers activism and commitment to the Canadian water crisis


Call to the federal government


Her mentorship as the new Anishinabek Nation chief water commissioner


Speaking on her activism and how her story is being heard


Call to action to the community