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Joanna Griffiths

Founder & CEO, Knixwear

Joanna Griffiths, Founder & CEO, Knix


Three days after Joanna Griffiths gave birth, she took a photo during a hospital visit with a lactation consultant. She was struggling to breastfeed, and feeling like a failure — amplified by the fact that every image she’d seen of breastfeeding featured women looking natural, at peace, and happy. She shared the photo and her sentiments on Instagram, and was overwhelmed when over 100 people responded with their own struggles. In that instant, the idea for the Life After Birth Project was born. The goal: to create something that changed the narrative of the postpartum experience, encouraging honesty, acknowledgement, and support. Knix put out a call for submissions in July, and in August 2019, opened the doors on the first Life After Birth Project gallery in New York. The travelling exhibition of over 250 intimate photos of postpartum journeys came to Toronto in September, and Los Angeles a month later. The conversation continues on Instagram @lifeafterbirthproject.