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Jann Arden

Singer-Songwriter, Actor, Producer

Jann Arden, Singer-Songwriter, Actor, Producer, Author


In March 2019, Jann premiered on CTV — a sitcom co-created by and starring award-winning singer-songwriter Jann Arden as a fictionalized version of herself. To debut a women-led comedy on national TV is an accomplishment in itself (especially one that’s obviously committed to showcasing diversity), but it is what’s going on behind the scenes that makes it truly extraordinary. For starters, she shares the co-creators title with Leah Gauthier and Jennica Harper, and the three women are also executive producers. Many of the department heads and nearly half the crew are women as well. With a successful first season under her belt, production on Season 2 kicked off on October 1, 2019 — and we see many more to come.