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Meet Carol Reynolds: Award-winning Film Writer and Producer turned Real Estate Broker

Carol Reynolds is a Toronto-based real estate broker whose expertise in media, marketing and technology helps her clients to buy or sell properties. Approaching a property as a brand with its own unique story and personality, she offers them a combination of attentiveness and strategic insight that benefits their bottom line. Carol helps ease clients’ minds by empowering them with a clear understanding of the buying or selling process. As a former award-winning film writer and producer, she developed several programs for CBC, CTV, Discovery Channel and The Life Channel, and applies the same level of creative savvy to the real estate profession. Carol has two amazing children who have also found tremendous satisfaction forging their own successful career paths.


My first job was… as a guest artist (singer) on a number of nationally broadcast Canadian television variety programs in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

My proudest accomplishment is… the incorporation of my Toronto company Challenge Media Productions Inc. in 1989, and the development, production and broadcast of my groundbreaking award-winning television series Challenge Journal. The three-season series featured 39 + half-hour programs about the socio-economic issues and challenges of being disabled in Canada.

My boldest move to date was… moving from Toronto to Nova Scotia for 14 years with my fabulous husband to live in our custom-built home on the Atlantic Ocean and begin my (then new) career as a luxury real estate broker with clients from many parts of the globe.

The most important lesson I learned as a film and television writer was… to be true to the story being told. Be brave enough to show the truth in the most direct manner and expect to stand by the consequences.

I became a real estate professional because… I love the business of real estate in all of its complexities. Helping clients make well-informed decisions about what is, in most cases, the most important financial decision of their lives, is a delicate process. It demands people skills, in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects and market stats, and a firm grip on all aspects of strategic negotiation. It’s an intellectual high and I find it deeply satisfying to make it work for my clients.

To anyone thinking about making a career transition, I would say… Research your choice of new career thoroughly. Be sure you have the skills and/or are willing to learn new ones if necessary. Be sure the culture suits your wants and needs. Satisfy yourself that the financial compensation will grow along with your commitment. Imagine yourself at the 5-year mark in that new career and identify what your goals will be at that point. Can you see a path to success? If yes, then go for it!

The most fulfilling thing about my job is… the people connection and the look on my clients’ faces when we achieve their real estate goals.

The hardest thing about my job is… the disappointment I feel when I’m faced with a disrespectful attitude from a potential client who may have had a negative real estate experience with other real estate professionals and then they punish me for it.


“Be patient and listen”


My greatest advice from a mentor was… be patient and listen.

My biggest setback was… a terrible fall and injuries that stopped me from achieving my professional goals for a 4-year period of time, while I recovered from numerous surgeries.

I overcame it by… keeping my eye on my goals: get better, get healthy, and get going!

If I were to pick one thing that has helped me succeed, it would be… a very confident tenacity.

I surprise people when I tell them… I have always been an entrepreneur and I’ve had three deeply satisfying and successful careers so far.

I stay inspired by… always being willing to learn as much as is possible about the legal and financial aspects of my real estate business.

The future excites me because… it’s open-ended. Every real estate transaction is unique because of the people involved and the ever-changing market conditions.

My next step is… I’m open to ideas, after all, I am only 71 years young!