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Meet Angelica Demetriou & Megan Kalaman, Founders of Kalaman + Demetriou (K+D) and 2019 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub Micro-Business Award Finalist



Angelica Demetriou & Megan Kalaman

Founders, Kalaman + Demetriou (K+D)

Finalist, Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub Micro-Business Award, CENTRAL


In 2017, Megan and Angelica joined forces to launch the national, full-service art consulting firm, K+D. Prior to partnering, Megan worked in the visual arts industry for fifteen years and had been running a cataloguing business since 2013. Angelica had a decade of senior-level experience in the art and business sectors, and specialized in corporate art consulting, communications, and business development.


My first job ever was…

Angelica – working as a cashier at a local food store when I was 14 years old.

Megan – as a cashier at McDonald’s.

I decided to be an entrepreneur because… 

Angelica – I had a big vision and strong business values and was determined to prove to myself and others that I could build a successful company founded on principles of integrity, transparency, authenticity and reciprocity.

Megan – a gap in the market presented itself — so I took a leap of faith and started to fill that gap 6.5 years ago!

My proudest accomplishment is… 

Angelica – that I found a way to leverage my skill set, network and experience to launch and lead a company that is changing the art landscape in Canada.

Megan – creating jobs in the visual arts sector across Canada.

My boldest move to date was… 

Angelica – taking a calculated risk and walking away from secure employment to become an entrepreneur.  

Megan – setting up my original business (Kalaman Art Collection Management) for success so I could take maternity leave and start my second full-time job as a mom to my awesome daughter.

I surprise people when I tell them…

Angelica – I’m in my young thirties and have built a successful business in the arts.

Megan – that I am a co-founder of a company that provides services in the visual arts sector.

My best advice for small business owners is… 

Angelica – listen to your gut and surround yourself with positive people who challenge, inspire and support you.

Megan – follow your gut; it is right every time.

My best advice from a mentor was… 

Angelica – from one of the partners at PLANT Architect who said: “There’s always room for style.” — words that have inspired me to develop a polished brand for K+D and approach all aspects of our work with a curatorial eye and regard for the finest details.

Megan – don’t focus on any potential competition or losing talent; focus on what you have now in front of you and the goals you are looking to achieve.


“Be present. Be mindful. And remember that while becoming an entrepreneur can be an immensely challenging feat, it is also a liberating, empowering and incredibly rewarding pursuit.”


My biggest setback was… 

Angelica – less of a setback and more of a signal to recalibrate as I found myself working in a toxic environment with no chance for positive career growth.

Megan – wanting to start a family while also running a small business on my own.

I overcame it by… 

Angelica – reminding myself that in order to grow as a professional and cultivate my potential I needed to find more fertile soil.

Megan – working with a business coach to make and follow a solid plan that would allow my business to continue to thrive while I went on maternity leave. 

I never go a day without… 

Angelica – taking a moment to appreciate the amazing people in my life.

Megan – starting my day with yoga and meditation.

The future excites me because…

Angelica – this is only the beginning; I’m just getting started!

Megan – my business partner and I share a long-term vision for success and together are growing an exciting company that is establishing new standards in our field.

Success to me means… 

Angelica – living a full, extraordinary life while leaving a positive imprint on the world and enriching the lives and stories of others. 

Megan – leading a team of talented people who are excited by the work that we do at K+D, who are engaged and passionate about their jobs, and who are contributing to the growth and success of our company.