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Become a bullet journal pro with these three helpful hacks


If you have been searching for productivity tools recently, you may have already come across bullet journals. This new system for staying organized is designed to be quick and intuitive — and with these three helpful tips, you can make the process even simpler.

Bullet journals are finding popularity with productivity fans — from super-organized families to small business owners — because they offer a simple system for organizing your current and future tasks, upcoming events, and important notes. Once you have the basics, there are a lot of great ideas on how to maximize your bullet journal experience. These three  tips will help you take your bullet journal to the next level.


Tip #1: Colour code your bullet journal index.



The whole point of an index is to make things easier to find, and with a few coloured highlighters, you can take the guesswork out of finding things in your bullet journal completely. Start by picking four colours to represent the four main sections:

  • Future Log
  • Monthly Log
  • Weekly Log
  • Notes

In your index, highlight your pages by type, then use your highlighter to organize and label each page within the journal.


Depending on whether you are using your bullet journal for personal or professional purposes, you can personalize your four areas per family member, per employee, per month or per your different areas of business. There are no rules — so create your bullet journal to fit your life.


Tip #2: Make a fold-out bullet journal key.



Like colour-coding your index, creating a fold-out key is a great way to get an at-a-glance idea of what’s going on with any page in your journal. Simply cut a small rectangle of paper to write your key on, and use coloured highlighters to identify each type of entry. Tape the fold-out key into the back of your bullet journal, so you can pull it out for a quick reference when necessary. Now all you need to do is use your highlighters to identify pages to stay organized.


Tip #3: Add a pocket for extra storage.



Having an extra pocket to store business cards, receipts, reminders — or any other loose papers — is super-handy, and adding one to your bullet journal is easy with a few basic supplies. For this hack, take an envelope that fits completely inside a page of your bullet journal. Lay it against the page with the flap extending outside of the journal, then cut washi tape to fit the three sides of the envelope. Use glue to affix the envelope to the page, then apply the washi tape to the sides of the envelope to secure it and give your bullet journal some personal style. Be sure to let it dry before you start filling it up.

We love bullet journals and staying organized in fun, and creative ways. Check out staples.ca and your local Staples store for more awesome ideas and for all of your bullet journal needs!


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