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Meet Kristine Hubbard, the woman keeping Torontonians moving

Kristine Hubbard began working for her family’s cab company, Beck Taxi, over 25 years ago. Now, she serves as Operations Manager, ensuring Toronto’s most recognizable taxi service keeps getting people from point A to B. 





My first job ever was…  Beck! I had to beg my parents to let me work – I remember being at the dinner table playing the role of a call taker and telling them to be the customers. I was 15 when I finally convinced them to hire me.


I chose to continue in the family business because… I love the people. I love the busy atmosphere. Anything else seems boring in comparison. Not to mention my mother is my hero – having the opportunity to learn from her every day is invaluable…the only downside is that I can’t complain to her about my boss!


My proudest accomplishment is… My family. My husband and our children (that includes our dog Gus!) are everything to me.


My boldest move to date was… Convincing everyone here that we should design our own software and app rather than using a third-party system. I had a few people here on my side and we put up a good fight – it was terrifying but I knew I needed to follow my instinct.


I surprise people when I tell them… That I’ve been working at Beck for 25 years.


Running a company in a male dominated industry is… No big deal unless you make it one.  I never really think about it unless someone brings it up. Gail, my mother, has never showed an ounce of concern and I guess that rubbed off on me. She has a very powerful presence and personality, while being able to maintain a reputation of understanding and support for people in this industry. She’s tough!


“A setback is only a setback if you let it hold you down.”


My best advice from a mentor was… Listen. Sometimes that’s all you should do.


My biggest setback was… It’s difficult to say. There have been times that I’ve been overwhelmed and disappointed, but I’ve learned to view every situation as an opportunity for growth. A setback is only a setback if you let it hold you down.


I overcame it by… Staying positive and looking for ways I can improve myself to avoid similar situations in the future.


Work/life balance is… An ongoing challenge. Running a business and parenting are both 24-hour jobs, which makes it necessary to create boundaries. I’ve been better at taking time off this year, but it’s a learning curve I think all working mothers can identify with.


If you googled me, you still wouldn’t know… That I was fired…thanks Mom and Dad!


I stay inspired by… Keeping connected with drivers as much as I can. I dispatch in the mornings as much as I can and talk with the drivers when they stop by the office. I love to hear their stories, to meet their children. We are all just trying to do our best for our families and I keep that in mind no matter where I am or who I speak to. We have much more in common than we have differences and that inspires me to work hard for our customers, both in the back seat and the front.


My next step is… To be a good role model for my daughters who will be teenagers soon! I am so proud of them and want them to be strong, independent women. Nothing is scarier than your children growing up, but I think they’re on the right track.