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How to Network: Six Tips for Connecting at a Sit-Down Event

You know the drill: it’s a gala, awards ceremony, a speech, or a lecture. Regardless, you’re sitting around a table with nine other people but you’re only speaking with the person to your left and right.

If you’re networking efforts are falling short, it’s time to change your mindset and start making connections.

BY Carolyn Lawrence



[woiiconheading type=”h4″]Try these tactics to attract new professional friends:[/woiiconheading]

1 – Ask questions until you find someone you admire. Talk for some time then thank them and move on.
2 – Speak up when others ask you a question so people are encouraged to join. They want to have a fun conversation too.
3 – Enjoy yourself and have a few laughs. Your guests will respond in kind. People are attracted to positive energy so bring it and spread it.
4 – Trade cards, but meet everyone. Don’t just dole them out. You should know what everyone does and identify a potential opportunity related to your business or professional development.
5 – Show you’re interested. Ask questions, then ask follow-up questions.
6 – Ask for a follow-up right away. When you make a connection and find someone that has what you want, take the opportunity to ask for another meet-up over coffee.

Meeting new people is essential for advancing your career and business. To make it easier, break it down, make a plan, start taking each opportunity presented to you, and create a few of your own. Eventually you’ll have the resources and network you need to meet any professional goal.

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