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Women will lead ‘third revolution’: Arianna Huffington

Jessica Smith, Metro |09/12/2013

Arianna Huffington told Toronto’s “women of influence” in a luncheon speech Wednesday the next women’s revolution will require taking time for themselves.

Huffington, president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, was the featured speaker at the series hosted by Women of Influence, an organization dedicated to the advancement of professional women across North America.

She used the speech to promote her “Third Metric” campaign, wherein money and power are two metrics of success and well-being is the third.

“When you think of women’s revolutions, we first had the revolution that gave us the vote, the second women’s revolution was about access and being able to have an equal place at the top of every field and every profession, equal opportunities and equal pay,” she said. Read full article>