Doing the Right Thing with Suzanne West graphic

Doing the Right Thing with Suzanne West

July, 30th, 2014

Suzanne West’s commitment to her three P’s—people, profit, and planet—is a new way of doing business that is raising both eyebrows and equity. BY ARINA KHARLAMOVA PHOTOGRAPHY BY CHARLES HOPE/KLIXPIX There’s no question West’s a mogul. In the past 14 years, she has bought and sold four energy companies, realizing substantial gains for her investors […]

Tactical maneuvers with Courtney Banks Spaeth graphic

Tactical maneuvers with Courtney Banks Spaeth

July, 30th, 2014

Moving through the ranks to the senior executive level can require navigating political landmines, especially in the slow-to-change world of national security. Courtney Banks Spaeth is one woman who can claim victory, and she’s got strategic advice for everyone in the trenches, even us civilians. BY MELISSA BRAZIER A beautiful woman with long, fiery red […]

When It Comes To Your Career… The Best Plan Is No Plan graphic

When It Comes To Your Career… The Best Plan Is No Plan

July, 23rd, 2014

Have a destination, but stay open to detours—that’s how this executive made it to the top. BY CHANTAL BRAGANZA When Margery Kraus talks to younger professionals in the communications industry, there’s one career lesson she often brings up: she doesn’t believe in long-term plans. It may sound counter-intuitive—how do you design, grow and land a […]

Chitra Anand – Blaze your trail graphic

Chitra Anand – Blaze your trail

July, 8th, 2014

Innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit aren’t just for the start-up environment. Here’s what the Head of PR at Microsoft Canada did to take charge of her career.

Q+A with Erica Ehm graphic

Q+A with Erica Ehm

July, 3rd, 2014

Round one-MuchMusic VJ, hat designer, and overseeing her own record label. The follow up? Motherhood, book publishing and the creation of a popular and growing website—not to mention songwriting awards, business accolades and overall achievement. What’s next on her professional bucket list? “Building an Ehm-pire” she tells us. Herewith, a few more thoughts from the […]

Madame Christine Lagarde graphic

Madame Christine Lagarde

May, 28th, 2014

CHAMPION OF REFORM AND REINVENTION — FOR THE WORLD, FOR WOMEN BY CAROLYN LAWRENCE Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde is one of the world’s most powerful women and a role model to many, including Women of Influence President and CEO, Carolyn Lawrence. In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, the […]

It’s the 21st Century: We Have Work to Do graphic

It’s the 21st Century: We Have Work to Do

May, 13th, 2014

What were you doing at 18 to make a difference? How about 19? 20? Well, these remarkable young women are raising their voices for women’s advancement on a global scale. BY COURTNEY SHEA Hillary Clinton recently said helping women and girls bypass barriers is “the unfinished business of the 20th century.” It’s the premise at […]

Re-fueling Your Drive graphic

Re-fueling Your Drive

May, 6th, 2014

Maria Soklis addressing Kia Canada dealers at the annual National Dealer Meeting Maria’s story is proof you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to reinvent yourself BY ALLISON LAWLOR Few women make it to the top ranks in the automotive industry, and fewer still do it without a business degree. But Maria Soklis, COO of […]

Reimagining Retail graphic

Reimagining Retail

May, 6th, 2014

In the fast-paced world of fashion, retailers know one frustrating rule. Shoppers demand what’s new, what’s next and what’s hot – but they don’t always want it.

Going On Instinct graphic

Going On Instinct

April, 7th, 2014

BY KATE DALEY “I’m very much a fatalist,” says Fashion magazine editor-in-chief Bernadette Morra. After working at The Toronto Star as a fashion journalist for 20 years, it might seem like she was fated to helm one of Canada’s top beauty and fashion magazines—but landing where she is today wasn’t all happenstance. Morra shares her […]