Going On Instinct

BY KATE DALEY “I’m very much a fatalist,” says Fashion magazine editor-in-chief Bernadette Morra. After working at The Toronto Star as a fashion journalist for 20 years, it might seem like she was fated to helm one of Canada’s top beauty and fashion magazines—but landing where she is today wasn’t all happenstance. Morra shares her […]  Read more »

Building Our Own Opportunities

Women are still underrepresented in the construction industry, and that’s not because we don’t want in — from the Bobcat to the scaffold, as engineers and executives, many of us are taking a place in an industry that once had no room for us — but before we can fully realize the potential of this growing business, there’s going to have to be an attitude adjustment.  Read more »


How Betty DeVita, President of MasterCard Canada, challenged herself to diversify her skillset by going global By Heather Pengelley | Photography By Nick Wong Download Article “I always knew I wanted to run something,” says Betty DeVita. “A key insight for me is to know yourself, understand what you’re good at, and really work that.” […]  Read more »


Marketing Hall of Legends Marlene Hore, formerly the most senior female creative in Canada, was also one of the first women in advertising to have a baby and return to work. By Ashley Milne-Tyte | Photography By Raina + Wilson Download Article Marlene Hore never strove to be an executive creative director. When she started […]  Read more »