Eva Sun, President
The Rice People
Telus Trailblazer Award



About Her Business

Food processors aren’t generally associated with being leading edge trailblazers – but Eva Sun’s company (www.ricepeople.com) is different. With a motto of Respect, Integrity, Care and Share, The Rice People’s commitment to their customers, partners, and global community.  Rice is a common staple that most people take so easily for granted, but rice is actually a much varied resource with much room for quality enrichment, especially in Canada. From farm to fork, it is Sun’s passion to make rice with accountable and consistent quality. They carefully source globally for the most reliable quality, eco-friendly raw material from eight countries.


What does winning this award mean to you?


“The award has raised my personal and my company profile. But more importantly, it has provided me a precious opportunity to share with and to inspire others with my deep passions. To me, owning a business is about much more than generating profit. It is a platform to inspire others about my deep passions. Generating profit adds value to my bank account, but inspiring others adds value to my life.”


What advice would you give to another business-woman facing uncertainty about her own trailblazing idea?


“Since you are trail blazing to explore new ideas, you can’t rely on others experience and guidance. When exploring, finding out what does not work is as valuable, if not more, than finding out what works.”


About the Telus Trailblazer Award

The recipient of this award is a true trendsetter. She has recognized a new market, product, service, technological advancement or opportunity and led the way. She has demonstrated outstanding leadership within her company and her market and she has set standards for originality, quality and successful management.






Other Awards

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RBC Momentum Award: This entrepreneur has successfully capitalized on opportunities to deliver 10% or more growth, year-over-year for three years or more. 

TEC Canada Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship: This entrepreneur has launched and built one or more successful companies with a track record of growth and profitability over a period of at least 10 years.