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hello, my name is

Arezoo Najibzadeh

Social Media and Content Manager at Women of Influence and Founder of Platform

Arezoo is a rising voice for women’s civic and political leadership in Canada. As the founder of Platform, she builds civic leadership capacity among Black, Indigenous, and racialized young women and gender-diverse people and boldly challenges the systemic barriers that impede on their ability to lead. Arezoo is regularly consulted to lend her expertise and perspective and was most recently recognized as the 2020 Young Woman of Distinction by YWCA Toronto. With years of experience in studying and supporting the role of women in leadership, Arezoo brings an intersectional and anti-oppressive lens to her role as the Social Media and Content Manager at Women of Influence.

She’s using her Perspectives platform to highlight the experiences of women in leadership and share intersectional feminist knowledge on personal and professional growth. 

from her perspective

My career is defined by my pursuit to embrace and transform the experiences of women and gender-queer people, especially those whose lived experiences are similar to mine. I constantly analyze our experiences to reveal the root causes of barriers, and to innovate and reinforce systems that enrich our lives and aspirations.

Arezoo Najibzadeh
more about Arezoo

Arezoo is focused on redefining leadership to reflect the ways in which marginalized young women are shaping and changing politics and governance in Canada. In 2017, Arezoo co-founded Platform, where she has built civic leadership capacity among 500+ young women gender diverse youth and works with civic, private, and non-profit institutions to create spaces where young women can thrive. In addition to years of experience in the civic sector and the non-profit sector, Arezoo’s work is informed by her personal experiences as a Muslim Iranian woman. 

As an independent consultant, Arezoo regularly works with non-profit organizations, electoral campaigns, and grassroots initiatives to centre equity, wellness, and authenticity in leadership and decision-making, as well as provide strategic communications advice. Arezoo works through an intersectional and transformational leadership framework. 

Arezoo is a Women Deliver Young Leader and a regular contributor to the Hill Times, Canada’s leading politics and government news service.