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Disrupting the Status Quo: From Corporate Executive to Tech Entrepreneur

Our Panelists

Picture of Meet Anu Bidani

Meet Anu Bidani

Anu Bidani is the CEO of STEM MINDS, a company that focuses on empowering youth to become fearless leaders by developing agility and a love of learning through STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). STEM MINDS' mission is to bring the best in learning experiences to youth to create #Fearless Learners. She believes in creating our future leaders, game changers and problem solvers to build a better world. With a dedicated teaching staff, a state-of-the art learning environment and a network of strategic partnerships, she has built a business that is successfully expanding the reach and impact of education to all children!

She is a passionate innovator, leader, revenue generator and an entrepreneur with solid experience as a corporate executive where she witnessed the evolution and impact of accelerated technology changes on business processes from a Corporate lens. She has delivered large multi million dollar projects at a global scale from systems implementations to electronic platform product launches. With vetted expertise in the areas of strategy, product development, solutions development, project delivery, information security and audit, Anu has built a solid foundation for her latest entrepreneurial venture – STEM MINDS. She is also a SHEEO activator and supports other women entrepreneurs in their journey of following their passion.

Picture of Meet Fatima Khamitova

Meet Fatima Khamitova

Fatima Khamitova is a cofounder and CEO at Veer AI, a marketing SaaS startup that helps retailers target their marketing with actionable, tailored insights. She is a strategist who has spent her career transforming customer experiences using AI based tools. She spent 6 years in the consulting field, focusing on strategic marketing projects that specifically leveraged her expertise in data science and machine learning. She led teams to build customer segmentation-based journeys, helping guide customers along an optimal journey to maximize value for her clients.

Fatima’s consulting clients included a diverse mix of Fortune 500 corporations and high growth start-ups. Before her graduate studies in analytics, Fatima spent time at an incubator in Milan, helping start-ups in fashion, retail, fine arts, and luxury goods. Fatima also worked in London and Zurich in the investment banking industry.

Picture of Meet Yvonne Lau

Meet Yvonne Lau

Yvonne Lau is the Founder of Retainify. Retainify’s mission is to help organizations make feedback normal in the workplace. Their unified SaaS solution helps companies increase the frequency of giving and receiving feedback by tracking the sentiment of employees throughout their employment lifecycle and sharing the feedback data back to business leaders. Improving the frequency of feedback helps organizations proactively identify and address issues early to mitigate business risks.

Yvonne grew up surrounded by entrepreneurship in her family. After working in the corporate human resource space for over 17 years, Yvonne decided to take the leap and branch out on her own, starting her entrepreneurial career.

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