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Our Women of Influence Advancement Centre offers development programs that give the women in your organization the tools they need to thrive. From leadership strategy to presence and communication, we can help them meet their potential — on their schedule, in your space.


Interested in learning how your organization can benefit? Contact Christine Laperriere, Executive Director of the Women of Influence Advancement Centre.


Courses designed for advancement

Our curriculum is built on six targeted, one-day courses designed to help high-potential women gain critical skills, habits, and mindsets to support the growth of a successful career. They respond directly to common pitfalls for women in business outlined in our Women of Influence White Paper on the Solutions to Women’s Advancement, which examines how top female executives define their leadership style, strengths, and challenges.

Revolving around the concept of influence, and based on the evidence of blind spots and pitfalls that have caused women to falter on their path to the top, our specialized and practical course material can be immediately applied for results in the workplace.

In this innovative curriculum, women learn to:

  • Remain empowered when stress levels are high
  • Improve their leadership capability through times of conflict and change
  • Grow influence by learning how to be bold without being abrasive
  • Gain insights into common pitfalls in leadership styles and tools to navigate workplace challenges
  • Refine leadership presence
  • Leverage personal brand
  • Network strategically


Customized to your organization’s needs

Every engagement begins with a conversation about what your organization needs to advance. We’ll then work with you to build a customized program, ranging in length from one day up to eighteen months, and designed to address the specific pain points of your female employees, enabling them—and ultimately your organization—to thrive.

Our programs can include:

  • Courses from our signature curriculum addressing common career pitfalls for women
  • Keynote speeches
  • Executive retreats
  • On-site workshops on a broad range of topics
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Virtual delivery of content and discussions
  • Private executive and/or management coaching
  • Custom workshops on sponsorship, mentoring, and coaching

Meet our Executive Director


As Lead Coach and Executive Director of the Advancement Centre, Christine Laperriere is focused on helping professional women enhance their capabilities and accelerate their careers.

Christine started her career with an undergraduate and master’s degree in mechanical engineering. After years as a design engineer, she joined a management consulting firm and gained further expertise on restructuring and implementing organizational change. In 2008 she made the bold decision to begin her own business selling and leading sales training and leadership development programs. Today she helps companies improve workplace culture; implement coaching philosophies into the workplace and helps leaders operate at their maximum potential.

She currently holds certifications in Transformative Coaching, Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP), psychotherapy, and Miller Heiman business development processes as well as a six-sigma black belt certification. This training and experience informs her ability to support corporate leaders who need to leverage each person’s knowledge, insight, and wisdom more effectively to get business results. In addition to her role as Executive Director, she also teaches a number of corporate and public courses with a focus on business development, corporate culture and personal empowerment.

Contact Christine for a customized solution that will give the women in your organization the tools they need to thrive.




“Less than one in five talented, experienced and ambitious women today are advancing into senior roles and even less into positions of leadership”

Women of Influence, White Paper “The Solutions to Women’s Advancement”