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Meet Christine Ochieng, RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards Start-Up Finalist

Christine Ochieng is a highly qualified and accomplished nurse, with a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of travel medicine and public health. She graduated from Messiah University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree in 2009 and has since dedicated over a decade of her career to this field. Currently, she is completing her post-graduate studies in Public Health at the University of Liverpool. As the founder and leader of Amani Travel Clinic, she brings a unique and in-depth understanding of the industry to the company.

Christine is also certified by the prestigious International Medical Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) in Travel Medicine, further demonstrating her qualifications and expertise. Her knowledge and experience make her a valuable asset to the company, and an expert in the field, well-equipped to provide patients with the best possible care and guidance. In her role as leader of the Amani Travel Clinic team, she manages the team with great insight and dedication, ensuring that all of our backgrounds work together to support patient health goals. Christine’s vision and leadership have been instrumental in growing Amani Travel Clinic into a thriving business, dedicated to providing the best care possible to its patients.


I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur because… from a young age, I was captivated by my mother’s entrepreneurial spirit. Watching her resourcefully run her business, juggle clients, and provide for our family left an indelible mark on me. Her mastery of balancing responsibilities and leveraging microfinancing showed me the allure of controlling one’s destiny. 

Entrepreneurship is made for me because… my resilience and appetite for calculated risks set me apart. I’m committed to self-sustainability in business and always look for fresh avenues to enrich both my venture and the broader community. My perseverance ensures I pivot away from what doesn’t work and focus on the next opportunity. 

The impact I hope to make through my work is… for our clients to experience unparalleled medical care and stellar customer service, fostering a level of trust that leads them to recommend us wholeheartedly. By elevating the standard of healthcare at our clinics, I aim to redefine it as a universally positive journey for all involved. 

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial journey is… that adaptability is key. In an ever-evolving market, staying attuned to the needs of your clientele is essential. Identifying and capitalizing on these needs requires both keen observation and the boldness to act amidst uncertainty. 

My proudest accomplishment is… launching five locations in just four years and securing accreditation from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia. Our collaboration with LifeLabs during COVID-19’s peak enabled us to offer vital services, facilitating safe travels for many. Achieving this while entirely bootstrapping our venture adds to my feelings of accomplishment. 

The biggest risk I took that paid off was… pivoting from travel vaccination to COVID testing at our inception. It was uncharted territory for everyone in healthcare, yet the gamble ultimately proved beneficial. 

My biggest setback has been… a halt in our operations due to accreditation issues at COVID’s peak — it slashed our income by 60% and disrupted our pre-scheduled client testing. 

I overcame it by… forming strategic partnerships with accredited organizations. Although this decision impacted our revenue, it sustained us as we diligently pursued our own accreditation. 

The best advice I’ve received as an entrepreneur was… to dive wholeheartedly into your idea/business. This philosophy channelled my energies, enabling me to navigate the most challenging times. 

I surprise people when I tell them… that just four years ago, I founded a healthcare organization that now boasts four locations serving British Columbians. I am truly humbled by this.  

If I had an extra hour in the day, I would use it to… unwind with an exhilarating action movie or a serene walk by the lake. 

The future excites me because… I envision Amani growing on both national and global scales,  branching into areas like homecare and retirement services — especially in developing nations where these services are scarce. Additionally, establishing training institutions for nursing aides to enhance elderly care is on the horizon. 

Excites me because… the vast potential and need for quality healthcare is undeniable. The sector is riddled with gaps waiting to be addressed, and I’m invigorated by the idea of Amani leading the charge in bridging these voids.


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