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Margaret Coons

Founder and CEO, Nuts For Cheese

Margaret Coons is the Founder and CEO of Nuts For Cheese™, Canada’s leading artisan, organic, plant-based dairy manufacturing company. Vegan from an early age, Margaret developed a passion for plant-based foods, becoming a vegan chef and experimenting with nuts and seeds to create deliciously creamy plant-based cheeses. Founded in 2015 at a farmer’s market in London, Ontario, Nuts For Cheese™ was created out of a passion to create and share delicious, plant-based cheeses with others. Margaret started her business on her own, and it has successfully grown into into a dedicated team of over 30 team members that craft help a line of award-winning artisanal and versatile dairy-free products. In 2022, Margaret grew Nuts For Cheese’s international presence, getting the brand into over 2,000+ U.S. doors in 50 states through key retail launches with partners like Whole Foods Market, and the brand has gone on to become the fastest growing and third-best selling plant-based cheese in the US.