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Introducing a new talent ecosystem

We’re excited to announce our partnership with tellent on their new talent ecosystem

We like to think of it as a year-long online networking event, where women support women to find professional flexible work, access talent and resources to grow their business, and support each other to live, lead, and earn on their own terms. 

It’s no secret that we love the work they are doing over at tellent — flexible work is a key element of an inclusive workplace —and we see this partnership and access to this platform as a natural extension of the value we can offer you. We want you to meet your potential, and this ecosystem is a tactical tool to get you there faster. Let’s face it, the old way of work doesn’t work so well anymore — and this is a great alternative to accelerate progress on where you want to be in your life and your career. 


It’s worth the investment for three reasons: 

1. The price. As part of the Women of Influence Community, if you sign up — either as a job-seeker or employer — you will save 10%. Seriously, the cost is less than a half-day workshop, single networking event or job post. (Prices are in USD right now, but they’re working on it; it’s about $250 CDN for a year.)

2. The value of the network. It makes business and career sense. Find your next freelancer, employee, client or opportunity in one place. You will have direct access to a hidden talent pool and hidden job market — with organizations and individuals that share an abundance mindset and commitment to professional work. 

3. You’re making an impact. As we all work together, we are levelling the playing field through access to top tier professional talent and flexible, accessible roles for all women. 


Our role in equal opportunity for women. 

We’re partnering on this initiative with tellent and six other national associations, with a mission to progress gender parity through advocacy and collaboration. Together we can have a far greater impact on the opportunities available for working women to lead and earn. We are raising the tide for all boats. 

Ready to join the talent ecosystem? If you are an entrepreneur or innovative business looking to access agile talent and freelancers ready to take on your biggest challenges, sign up here.  If you are a professional job-seeker or freelancer looking for your next flexible work or client opportunity, sign up here