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Women of Influence Spotlight Series – Building a Brand

On October 15th, 2019, we heard the candid story of Lara Murphy & Karen Ryan, a dynamic entrepreneurial duo and found out how they leveraged a partnership based on vision and values into a multi-million dollar industry leader. Lara and Karen first met on a job in Banff, the only female employees on a construction site, who easily connected over conversation on the current state of their industry. Discovering they shared similar values and vision, it was clear that they had an opportunity to not only start a firm but actually change the way business was being done. How? By introducing honesty and integrity into an industry that was lacking it. Key insights of the event included, how to identify opportunity by discovering a gap in the industry, what it takes to transition from employee to entrepreneur,  how to build an equal partnership between two co-founder and how to adjust for market fluctuations?