The average person has about 12 jobs during the span of their working life — with this number increasing for millennial workers. Assuming that you have one boss per job, that is at least 12 bosses who will have a direct impact on your career. Some positively and some otherwise. And whilst through the course of your career you might work with a number of great bosses, there is always one who you feel forever indebted to. Maybe they gave your first job, maybe they encouraged you to believe in yourself or maybe they supported you through a difficult time. In the spirit of all things love — I penned an open letter to the Woman #BossWhoMadeMe and invited members from our community to pen theirs too.



By Ony Anukem


#BossWhoMadeMe: Bailey Wilson [Submitted by Deena Markus]


Dear Bailey, 

Mentorships have always meant so much to me in my career and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to recognize my past boss but current and forever mentor, Bailey Wilson.   

I was hired by Bailey in 2013 and worked on her team at an advertising media agency in Toronto (UM Canada). Through my time working for Bailey, I can honestly say she was there for me in every step of my career. She was the perfect blend of support and tenderness, and a necessary kick in the butt when needed. She continually pushed me, allowing me to see the value in myself.

I gained so much confidence and self-worth, not only in my career but also in my personal life thanks to Bailey. I don’t think there was ever a moment when she didn’t make time to help me with absolutely any problem I had. She worked tirelessly until we were both comfortable with the solution.

Bailey recently left our organization to enter a new aspect of advertising, and though she is always a text or glass of wine away, this move has really proven that magic happens outside of your comfort zone.

I don’t think I could ever find enough ways to discuss her impact on my life, so I will simply say I am forever grateful for her mentorship and most importantly, her friendship.

– Deena Markus


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Would you like to a share a #BossWhoMadeMe open letter to a woman boss who has had a positive impact on your career? Send us an email with your open letter and the best ones will be shared as part of our #BossWhoMadeMe series.

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