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2018 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards Gala

On November 21, 2018, we presented the 26th annual RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards. And while the gala delivered on it’s usual expectations of inspiration and celebration, we also learned some great lessons thanks to the amazing women that took the podium that night. 
“I’d like to thank me”
– Glain Roberts-McCabe, The Roundtable 

The Lesson: Own your success. 

Take time to reflect on the hard work and sacrifice necessary to get you to where you are now. Recognize your victories, no matter how small, and use that feeling of proud accomplishment to propel you towards future growth. 
“Why do we have to celebrate women? Because there aren’t enough of us to inspire all of us.” 
– Marjorie Dixon, Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health 

The Lesson: Share your story. 

Excellence inspires excellence. When you share your story, you inspire the next generation of thought leaders and change makers, and you strengthen the narrative of entrepreneurship in Canada. 
“There’s only one way to gain confidence, and that’s to work together. To help each other. To slap each other on the back and help each other rise to our potential”
– Debbie Travis, Design Icon & Best-Selling Author 

The Lesson: We’re stronger together. 

Support your fellow entrepreneurs. When we collaborate and champion each other’s ideas, we grow stronger both individually and as a community. 


“Never say no. Just keep plugging through, and eventually you will get to where you need to be.”
– Victoria Sopik, Kids & Company

The Lesson: Yes is a powerful word.

Accept the trials and challenges of entrepreneurship, in fact, welcome them as an important part of your journey. The obstacles and set-backs you may face in your career offer learning opportunities that will help you grow towards your goal.