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Top 25 Women of Influence 2018: Melody Adhami



Melody Adhami

COO of Havas Canada

At just 27 years old, Melody Adhami made a move that so many of us only dream of: she left her comfortable corporate job for the entrepreneur-life, starting Plastic, a full-service mobile marketing agency. At the time, the app store didn’t even exist, making the idea of an agency dedicated to mobile marketing a big risk. But for Melody, the risk paid off. Eight years after the agency’s launch, Plastic was acquired by Havas, the world’s sixth largest communications agency. This year, Melody was named Chief Operating Officer of Havas Canada, proving that her ability to grow Plastic from a living room office of two people to a world-class mobile agency of over 100 employees wasn’t just a stroke of luck — it was her flawless leadership at work. To date, Plastic has built 250+ apps for countless Fortune 500 brands, and generated over $1 billion in revenue for their clients. In 2018 Melody also published her first e-book, Your Turn: Powerful Thoughts from Today’s Women to the Next, a curated collection of wisdom and advice from 150 of Canada’s most influential women.



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