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How to work successfully as a team of entrepreneurs


by Viviana Kohon, Namita Tandon-Walsh, and Caitie Yue



All entrepreneurs enjoy the independence and thrill of working for themselves and creating something new. Having partners or co-founders is an added bonus, giving you the option to consult with each other, and to ensure multiple areas of the business are covered through different expertise. As creative thinkers, it can be tempting to dip our hands in all aspects of the venture, but in order to promote harmony amongst a team of entrepreneurs, one must work strategically, starting with themselves. Here are a few tips:



Have defined titles and roles

Of course, with a new business, positions tend to be cross-functional and evolve as the business grows. We’ve been fairly successful in making sure our roles stay separate, but function together like cogs in a machine. As much as you want to jump in, come together only when you need to leverage separate strengths, otherwise nothing will get done.  Trust each other!


Establish effective ways to communicate internally

Having capable ways to share information with your team is vital to running a successful team. We stay on top of things by communicating closely both among our partners, and with our staff. Having a shared drive, and making yourself readily available during peak periods are good ways to drive efficiency internally.


Identify your limits

Starting a business is not a one-person show, and it will take a team to make anything successful. Working as a small but mighty team means that there is a constant revolving door of priorities, therefore, do not be afraid to ask for help!


Treat everyone equally

You’re all here because you didn’t want to chase a corporate hierarchy, so eliminate a scarcity mentality. Whether you are a decade ahead in Marketing experience, or just starting out, don’t hold out on knowledge thinking it will differentiate you as a go-to expert. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to admit what you don’t know.


Manage yourself first

Managing ourselves comes with the freedom of entrepreneurial life, and in order to work successfully as a team, you have to organize from within. Try using a checklist system — one pertinent to your responsibilities and one for shared projects — and setting goals professionally and personally by creating a one, three, and five year plan for yourself.



Opened in November 2017, The Symes currently serves as one of Toronto’s largest venue spaces with a rich and established history. A testament to the building’s industrial past, the vibrant modern energy of its home in The Junction — one of the city’s foremost creative hubs — fuels its present. Championed by the combined expertise of the three partners, Viviana Kohon, Director of Marketing, Namita Tandon-Walsh, Director of Sales, and Caitie Yue, Director of Business Strategy, the joint venture centres on event management inclusive of weddings, exhibitions, editorial shoots, corporate events, fundraisers, showcases, film productions, etc. Learn more at or follow them on Instagram.