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Opportunity for Advancement

Opportunity For Advancement (OFA) works with women in disadvantaged life situations. While poverty is an issue for almost all the women, other factors create additional barriers to well-being and equal participation in society. These include being a sole-support parent, being an immigrant or woman of colour, being disabled or chronically ill, or having experienced violence. The women we serve come to OFA from all cultures and with a wide diversity of history, experience and skill. They come to OFA open to an opportunity to learn to identify the things they do well and to learn to take the steps they need to begin to achieve a better life for themselves and their families. They overcome tremendous obstacles often simply by being able to get to the program each day. Their strength and courage is a powerful reinforcement to other women struggling to find a way out of poverty, illness and fear of the future.

Opportunity For Advancement has been a leader in the development of feminist group work models that address personal issues within a broader social context. Our approach recognizes both the strengths of individuals and the support that comes from the group process. Our programs help participants build self-esteem, reduce social isolation, explore the roots of problem situations, learn and share information and skills, and set new and achievable goals for themselves.

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