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Samantha DeBianchi’s Six Tips for Success

There are more women business owners than ever before, which is great news. The bad news? Not all of them succeed. While there are many reasons for this (lack of funding, bad timing, mismanaged resources, etc.) often times success or failure starts with you. So if you’re ready to stop getting in your own way and rise to the top of your game, follow these six tips for business success.


by Samantha DeBianchi



1. Go Big

If you’re going to invest all your time, money and energy into your passion, be it your business or some other calling, you should either go at it 100%, or not at all. There’s no time for 50-70% effort. Full commitment is required for massive success. Don’t be the one in a million girl. Be that once in a lifetime kind of woman.


2. Be money motivated

Many of us were taught early on that money isn’t important, that success is not about the money. You were taught wrong. It’s great to help people and make a difference, but if you’re not focused on money you’re not truly in a sustainable business.


3. Don’t be your worst enemy

I can’t tell you how many times I am coaching an entrepreneur, and discover that the biggest obstacle they face is themselves. When their business is up, they don’t believe it and write it off as a fluke or lucky streak. When business is down, they’re ready to throw in the towel and go back to the 9 to 5. If you’re going to be successful in life and in business, you have to be your #1 fan and loudest cheerleader.


4. Don’t do it alone

Let’s face it: business can be tough and intimidating. One of the greatest assets for anyone in business is to get around other successful entrepreneurs. Who better to understand the ups and downs than someone else in the same boat? The secret is to find a coach or mentor who has already had great success in whatever it is you are chasing, who can help guide you along and make the journey a bit easier.


5. Expect failures and learn from them

Nobody likes to fail, but in business and in life, it’s inevitable. Instead of seeing failure as a negative event, view it as an experience to learn and grow from. Never let the fear of failure stop you from going after your dreams.


6. Ignore the naysayers

Some people are going to love you for who you are and what you’re doing, while others, no matter what you do, will never get on board. In the end, the only person’s opinion that matters is your own. If it makes you happy, do it. If it doesn’t, then don’t. Constructive criticism is one thing; being told you can’t or you’re chasing the pie in the sky is something totally different and should be ignored.




As the founder of DeBianchi Real Estate and the first woman to star on Bravo’s ‘Million Dollar Listing Miami,’ Samantha DeBianchi is a business owner who’s used her own six tips to build a life and a business full of success.