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Eight ideas for celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8

Not sure how to celebrate International Women’s Day? Created in partnership with SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU.—Putting Women’s Health Firstthis list of options can help you find a way to show your support that suits you best.


Mark your calendar: this year, International Women’s Day lands on Tuesday, March 8.

If you’d like to join in on the celebration but you aren’t quite sure what to do, check out this list of eight ideas for inspiration. Whether you have a few moments to spare or are looking for a bigger commitment, there are options to make International Women’s Day meaningful to you.


Get informed about the day

Not sure what International Women’s Day is all about? Here are the basics: this global celebration was created to recognize the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It’s also meant to draw attention to how much further we have to go—think of it as a call-to-action to accelerate gender parity.


Give a shout-out on social media

It only takes a moment to let your friends and followers know about International Women’s Day. Post on Facebook, share on Instagram, or Tweet your support. Looking to do more than just note the date? Take the opportunity to promote the achievements of a woman you admire in politics, business, or the arts.


Support a women’s charity

The spirit of International Women’s Day is about supporting women and girls, and fortunately, there are number of great charities that are female-focused where you can direct your resources. If you don’t have much time or cash to spare, there are great alternative options. For example, you can donate your Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points to a local women’s health charity, and SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. will match your points from March 3 to March 8. (You can donate your points by logging into your optimum account at, and encourage your friends to join in using the hashtag #ShoppersLOVEYOU 


Make a pledge for parity

The theme of the 2016 International Women’s Day campaign is a Pledge For Parity, which recognizes that although great progress has been made, there is still room for improvement. Announce your own pledge committing support to women and girls in Canada, or simply try to make or encourage changes that help the cause progress, whether that means supporting women and girls in achieving their ambitions, or aiming to challenge your own unconscious bias.


Make a pledge to take care of yourself

The day is designed to celebrate women, and that includes you! Find time to relax, give yourself a treat, or make a pledge for a longer commitment to balancing your mind, body, and spirit. It doesn’t take a lifestyle overhaul to make a difference—you can set yourself on a path towards optimal health with a few simple steps.


Sign up for a women’s event

You don’t need to celebrate exactly on March 8 to join in the spirit of International Women’s Day. There are a number of great organizations offering female-focused events throughout the year. With a quick search you’ll be sure to find one that suits your interests, from supporting a cause with a charitable run such as, to attending an inspirational talk from a female role model.


Connect with your creative side

Use some time in the day to connect with your creative side and explore your own talent. Finding the creativity within yourself can boost your spirit and allow you to bring your best self to work and play. Whether you’re celebrating International Women’s Day with your family, friends, or on your own, there are plenty of fun DIY projects, new makeup tricks, or other creative projects to try.


Start a conversation

Make a point of speaking to one person today—your partner, a co-worker, a friend, that lady in the coffee line next to you—about International Women’s Day, about gender parity, or about a woman you admire. Better yet, tell that woman you admire why she’s a role model for you.


What is SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. all about?


We truly believe that when you put your health first, you’re giving the people close to you the best gift of all—a better you.


SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. – Putting Women’s Health First – is our commitment to helping you stay focused on being your best in body, mind and spirit. It shares the expertise of our partners and connects you with others in support of local, community-based Women’s Health initiatives across Canada. Find one that moves you and join our journey to strengthen Women’s Health across Canada!

If your charitable group has a program to help women in your community lead stronger and healthier lives, we may be able to help.